What’s In It For Me?

Author name
Alicia Rhodes, Assistant Director, Duke University Career Center

Class of 2023,


Welcome to Duke! Now that you are here and beginning to get acclimated into your new environment, I would like to take a moment to let you know what we have available for you!

Design Your Duke is designed for Duke first-year students in which we encourage you to design your Duke experience! I know you’re probably wondering what does Design Your Duke even mean? Well, it means work with us to make your Duke experience your own; take time to reflect on your experiences; connect with individuals across campus; use campus resources; explore interests, skills, industries, and opportunities; and use Duke as a laboratory to develop and practice professional development skills. In a nutshell, we want you to know what’s in it for you! We encourage you to take time to explore, try new things, learn a lot in the process, and make intentional decisions. Your experience does not have to look like your peers’, friends’, or roommate’s experience, make it your own and use what you learn to navigate Duke and beyond!

First-Year Checklist to help you organize your thoughts around career and professional development. We know that you are excited and ready to dive in to all things Duke, so, we have created the checklist to guide you throughout your first year and provide an opportunity for you to maximize your first year!

Key First-Year Events hosted in the fall and spring semesters that are great for first-year students to attend. You will also find many other helpful events for all undergraduates in CareerConnections.

  • Prehealth Check Up
  • Practice Interview Day
  • Career Fair Back Stage Pass
  • DEMAN 101
  • Major Mixer
  • Fannie Mitchell Expert in Residence Programs

Career News, the Career Center email, and CareerConnections are your best sources for the latest details on all events and a great variety of internship postings. Registration in CareerConnections is required for almost all of our events to be sure you get a seat!

Helpful advice through our Career Center blog where you can see first-year specific posts and much more. We will include links to our blog posts in Career News. These blogs will provide you additional information about the Career Center, Designing Your Duke, exploring  careers, skills, interests, and much more!

If you want to learn what is available for in-person guidance, feel free to stop by Drop-in Advising every Monday through Friday, when classes are in session (except Labor Day and Career Fair day 9/25), from 1:00-4:00 p.m. (Smith Warehouse–enter through Bay 6, at the bus stop, and head upstairs).

We would love to see you!