by Dorielle Obanor

In February of my freshmen year at Duke, I had the pleasure of meeting Samuel DuBois Cook, the first black tenured professor at Duke University. I had wandered in to the Mary Lou Williams Center to finish up some last minute work, but my attention soon turned to the small group of students surrounding Mr. Cook in the center of the room. I sat and listened as Dr. Cook articulated the various challenges, experiences, and changes that arose after accepting a teaching position at Duke.

Hello everyone! My name is Monika Jingchen Hu, a 2nd year PhD student in Department of Statistical Science. I am very glad to be one of the student bloggers for Student Affairs this academic year and I would like to tell you something about myself.

I was born and raised up in Mainland China until the age of 18. After that I spent 4 years in Hong Kong as an undergraduate student. Hong Kong is such a dynamic metropolitan city where Eastern and Western values collide and interact. In City University of Hong Kong I was majored in Mathematics and had a minor in Finance. Besides devotion to quantitative sciences, I have always had great interests in social sciences, so I started to think about applying my quantitative skills into social science studies. Gladly things worked out and I am now at Duke Statistics, working on statistical modeling in social sciences applications.