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Alicia Rhodes, Assistant Director, Duke University Career Center

“My brain has way too many tabs open. 4 of them are frozen and I have no idea where the music is coming from!”

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April was supposed to be my time. As someone who had decided to pursue a future career in policy and public sector jobs, I always knew that I wasn’t likely to start getting traction on the job front until late in the Spring semester of my senior year. For those of you who don’t know, for your average policy job, most seniors don’t get hired until April, May, or even later.

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Catherine Allen, Assistant Director, Duke Career Center
Spotify. Music for everyone.

If you are a fan of music then you are also (probably) a fan of a music streaming service. While there are many, and many strong opinions about them, I will share from the start (it’s in the title) that I’m a fan of Spotify.

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Brian Njoroge

“If you do not take random naps, you are not living life” - despondent pre-med student after coming from a chemistry lab.

As finals season approaches, most of us find ourselves running low on sleep. CAPS recommends 6-8 hours of sleep to maximize productivity. Although napping daily isn’t advised (sad, right?), such times call for dire measures- in this case should suffice. No one wants to take the bus back to East or Central Campus or walk down the countless steps to your room in Edens (you might as well just go to Wilson if you needed to work out) just to take a nap.  I asked a couple of students- whose napping habits are questionable- for the perfect napping spots around the Campus Center. 

This list is in no preferential order.

Ever had those burning (no pun intended) questions about sex and relationships but were just too embarrassed to ask?! Well look no further!

The Sexual Health Advisory Committee (aka The SHAC) will be taking questions and responding to them via blog. 

Send your questions about sexual norms, sexual health, relationship advice, sex taboos, figuring out how to know what you like/what works for you, or anything.  Expect the unexpected, the truth and sometimes a good laugh.  We want to answer your questions and make sure you’re getting credible, honest, transparent information from professionals right here on campus.

Send your questions, concerns, comments, inquiries, suggestions, and master plans to and check out the blog to see what comes up!

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Elizabeth Hoyler, '16

Midterms are alive and well. As students, we’ve all realized that the hard way, unfortunately. In an act of solidarity, I’m gonna share some wisdom from Jean Hanson and Jo Supernaw at the Wellness center. With these myths busted you’ll, in my opinion, be able to kick midterm’s a** better. (Hint: It involves more sleep.)

Myth #1: The effects of my all-nighter only impacts me.

You may be the only one who gets to sport the Dukie-meets-phantom-menace look, but your worsened mood? Lack of focus? Degree of inefficiency?  You can’t be as productive a teammate, as present a friend, nor as pleasant an acquaintance.

All-nighters don’t make you cool or more impressive. They make you tired. 

Myth #2: Staying up those extra few hours to cram will help my GPA.

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