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Sean Novak and India Pierce


Collaboration & Change for a Common Good
A Reflection on Collaboration in Campus Life
India Pierce and Sean Novak


One way that we can work effectively to create change for a common good is to work collaboratively across communities. With this in mind, India Pierce from the Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity (CSGD) came together with Sean Novak from the Center for Multicultural Affairs (CMA) to create a program that explored the intersections of race and sexual orientation. As part of the CMA’s En/Countering Racism series (E/C), they created a program for students to gather and explore intersectionality. This was done in order to deepen participants’ understanding of themselves and others as a means to building stronger coalitions for social justice.

The Center for Multicultural Affairs is now accepting submissions for our RACE SPEAKS PSA campaign. Submissions should be approximately 500 words and share a story about the role that race has played in an aspect of their life. The primary goal of this PSA campaign is to provide digital stories that illuminate the role that race plays in everyday life. Submissions can be sent to  Sean Novak at All are welcome to submit stories.