by Larry Moneta

I’m writing this in Chicago awaiting my return flight to RDU. Just got off the nearly 14 hour flight from Shanghai and am very happy to be back in the US. Looking forward to being home later tonight.

My visit to Kunshan and to the DKU campus was terrific. The drive with lots of traffic was just over an hour from the opposite side of downtown Shanghai, so an easy trip back and forth for students, faculty and others. The bullet train is 19 minutes from Shanghai to Kunshan! I definitely want to train there next time I visit.

by Larry Moneta

Thumbnail Seems like ages since I last wrote, but only two days. But these were quite busy and interesting days.

Arrived in Beijing yesterday afternoon and connected with many of the more than 400 US participants. We eventually bussed over to a nearby hotel for brief orientation and dinner (those who know me and my diet always find this part interesting....nope: no vegan options despite the pre-request. I ended up with boiled noodles). It was fun to meet new people and delightful to connect with old and dear friends as well. Janina from UCLA, Michael from UCSB and Judy from the UC system are all here as is Rick Johnson's wife, Mildred, the admissions director from Va Tech.

by Larry Moneta

Made it to Newark…of course, there’s a storm coming (another Nor’easter) that’s supposed to hit the area about noon. My flight’s at 12:10 pm so hoping we’ll be up and out before the disruption begins. I feel terrible for all the folks hardly recovered from Hurricane Sandy. Think good thoughts!

Quite the night last night, so not much sleep. That may work to my advantage as I try to sleep on this 13.5 hour flight. We land at 3 pm China time, which is 2 am est, so will need to will the body to adjust.

Now that we’ve settled the US presidential election (if only that meant smooth sailing ahead…), we turn our attention to the selection of the Chinese Premier scheduled over the next couple of days. Here’s some info.

by Larry Moneta

Hi friends,

Here I am again…packing this evening for my upcoming trip to China. I leave for New York tomorrow (and hope I can get to my hotel without too many travel problems) and then for Beijing on Wednesday. I’ll be in China for two weeks with the first week as part of the China Bridge program hosted by the College Board in concert with Hanban/Confucius Institute. We’ll be in Beijing for a day, then in Shangai for three days, returning to Beijing for a couple of more days.