It's already November! That means the fall semester is almost over and you may be asking yourself how you missed August, September, and October. Don't worry, it's easy for the semester to fly by so fast; especially with all of the opportunities on campus. To provide you with a quick recap UCAE Student Involvement has compiled a few infographics of semester highlights. Hopefully this fills you with some nostalgia for the past semester and encourages you to seek out new opportunities in the spring. 

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Kyle Fox

This summer has been fairly chaotic around the Bryan Center as the building underwent a massive facelift. When you get to campus this August it’s likely that you won’t even recognize the building. In fact, you’ll probably have many questions. “Where is the post office? Where is the UCAE Finance Team? Where did this futuristic chair come from? Where is all of that natural light coming from?” All good questions that I’m hoping to clear up a little with this blog post; however, you really need to stop by in person on Monday, August 26th for the grand reopening and check it all out for yourself.

Where is everything? That’s a very complex question, but here’s a brief answer: Upstairs, downstairs, and all over the BC. A longer and more detailed answer would layout the location of all of the changes, so here we go:

Your character is a life-long project.

Make it an authentic one.

The Duke Authenticity Project asks you, the first-year student, to dig deep, discover, and explore your values and how they contribute to how you practice leadership. You will join in small and large group discussions, participate in educational workshops, and experience guided reflection with Duke faculty and staff. You will learn how values manifest in your daily life, and how your personal commitment to authenticity is core to your ability to lead, and lead well.

Learn to trust your truth. Sign up for the Duke Authenticity Project.



After entering the gates, the visible skyline is the first thing you notice in the dark: huge, lit-up Ferris wheels and towers of adrenaline-pumping rides. Once you get closer after maneuvering through crowds of equally ecstatic people, you start to take in the aromas of delicious deep-fried foods and the ringing noises of test-your-luck games.

Did you guess it already? There could be no other place like this around here but the North Carolina State Fair! 

Patrick Alva Oathout


Hometown:Houston, TX, USA 

Major: Double Major: Public Policy & Philosophy

Leadership Experiences:Duke Student Government, Executive Vice President, Duke Colloquium Fellows, President and Founder, Spent thesummer in Amman, Jordan teaching English to refugees, Columnist for the Duke Chronicle, Point Scholar

Thumbnail In this post, Dr. Christy Lohr Sapp, Associate Dean for Religious Life, shares her thoughts on collaboration and relationship building as important components of interfaith dialogue.  â€˜Collaboration’ is a noted dimension of the Duke University Leadership Framework.     

What is LeaderShape? What do I expect and what exactly am I getting myself into? If you are a prospective LeaderShaper reading this, I have been in your shoes and I finally understand why no one seems to do a great job of answering those questions. LeaderShape is more than your typical leadership conference. Yes, you will listen to speakers and participate in team building but you will also be stretched to think deeper and pushed to visualize the world in ways you never have before. It is an experience that helps you understand who you are and more importantly pushes you to embrace that self, long after the end of the program.

Welcome back to campus for another exciting school year. If you’ve wondered what we were up to his Summer, let us fill you in. While you were interning in New York City, service-learning with Duke Engage, or studying abroad, the staff in UCAE Student Activities focused our 12 weeks of Summer on making Duke life better for student organizations and student leaders. So, we really didn’t get a summer vacation, but that’s okay: you are worth it!

Last year, we heard organizations and students tell us that student organization life and leadership development opportunities are great, but it could be better.

Here are some highlights of 5 new things that you will see this Fall in response to your feedback and needs.