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Michael Tran, Student Affairs ITS

The Student Affairs Networked Attached Storage is a collaboration space for departmental files managed by Student Affairs ITS. By default full-time staff are provisioned access to only their assigned department’s staff and student folder(s).  Access to non-departmental, drop-off, and/or student employee access (includes graduate assistant employees) must be submitted in a request to Student Affairs ITS by e-mailing to track change management.

Accessing The Student Affairs Network Attached Storage (NAS): Mac Workstations

Blog Author:
Michael Tran

With the continued and exciting growth of our division, Student Affairs Information Technology Services (SA-ITS) has introduced BigFix, just one of our new enterprise tools that will be assisting on our mission to provide individual level attention and support even on a large scale.  SA-ITS is confident that this tool will reduce the need for service requests that involve minor plug in updates and allow for less downtime sifting through the dozens of updates that come out on a weekly basis from software vendors.  BigFix will also allow for increased transparency to Student Employees that may use multiple workstations in multiple division departments being that all updates on all workstations will be standardized.

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Click on your calendar in the top left navigation pane (shown below):



On the bottom left select "My Calendars" from the dropdown menu, then select "open calendar" (shown below):




Entering Monthly Reports


1.     Login to


2.     Choose “Enter Monthly Item”


Duke University’s Student Affairs Information Technology Services (SA-ITS) and Office of Information Technology (OIT) are currently working cooperatively on moving forward with Office 365.   This migration will introduce a suite of cloud-based services offered by Microsoft at an enterprise level subscription that compliments current Duke University’s volume licensing contracts for Windows Operating Systems and Microsoft Office Suite.

The OIT security office has alerted IT leaders regarding the latest round of companies with compromised passwords. 

They are:




Our IT team highly recommends that users change their passwords for these sites (and any other site where you use this same password) 






So, you've been told that you were sent a meeting request, but you never received it and the meeting creator has confirmed they sent it. What do you do now? 

The first step is to open Remote Desktop Connection. You may find it already in your dock, as shown in the image.

Thumbnail I

Or, you may navigate to it by doing the following:

·       Open Finder --> Applications --> Remote Desktop Connection



Beginning June 5th, users will see a new interface when they log into Duke esrvices using shibboleth. 

The new interface will not change how the log in process is completed, just how the page looks.


"Apple has just released a pair of security updates for OS X and Safari that fix a few unrelated security problems. Monday brought news of a Mac issue that could reveal logins and passwords, and the OS 10.7 patch will be fixing that among other things. But there's also a Safari update that's a little more complicated."

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