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A community response

Jack D explains what happened:

As many of you know, early in the morning yesterday someone entered my dorm and sprawled on the wall of the first floor, “Death to all fags @ Jack.” In just five words and an ‘at’ symbol, my sense of security and safety on this campus was shattered. 

Efforts have been made to find the assailant but the likelihood of success seems minimal. However, the person who wrote on the wall is greatly unimportant.

I would like for people to understand who I am. I wish to be a peer and not a name. I grew up near Boston with a single mother and siblings. I played sports throughout school and spent summers volunteering. I am a freshman but have lived as a proudly out and visible gay man on Duke’s campus. I am Jack. I am the fag. I do not deserve this treatment. No one deserves this treatment.

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Dean Sue Wasiolek

We left Yucay by bus this morning and headed to the train station where we boarded Peru Rail to the Town of Machu Picchu (MP). The train ride was as interesting and beautiful as the rest of our trip, as the train followed the river and we made our way through various ecosystems, including the lush tropical areas.   When we arrived at the train station in MP, we boarded a bus to the MP site and that's where the TRUE wonder and amazement of this trip began.

There was a slight drizzle as we entered at the gates of MP, so we donned our rain jackets while others of us (me included) purchased a $2 poncho.   About 10 minutes later, I was no longer wearing the poncho as the rain had stopped and our magical tour of MP began.

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Dean Sue Wasiolek

Day 4 with the True Blue Peru Crew! Every day in Peru is better than the one before!  There is so much to share that I don't know where to begin. 

The day started with a jog through the town of Yucay.  I'm not sure how large the town is; I can only tell you that it has one traffic light.  Running along the road was an adventure, as the drivers did not yield to me at all.  I enjoyed seeing the dogs, donkeys,  and cows, but was particularly inspired by the farmers who were out in the fields working the land by 6 AM.  I returned to the hotel for an awesome breakfast.  The contrast between our hotel and the poverty of Yucay is remarkable and has haunted me all day as we drove through other small towns on our way to various sites.

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Dean Sue Wasiolek

Day 4 with the True Blue Peru Crew!

Every day in Peru is better than the one before!  There is so much to share that I don't know where to begin. 



by Zoila Airall

On Tuesday evening, Li-Chen Chin was one of eight recipients of the 2013 Samuel DuBois Cook Award.  Li-Chen, director of intercultural programs for Student Affairs, was acknowledged for the many ways in which her work as a cultural center director, supervisor and administrator exemplifies Dr. Cook's model of seeking to improve relations of people of all backgrounds. Many of you who have come to know Li-Chen will agree that she is the quintessential team player who is often the thoughtful voice of reason. If you have not had the opportunity to meet or work with Li-Chen, we encourage you to do so.

One of last year's seniors (and a former DUWELL intern), Rose O'Connor, was inspired to write this blog in the spring of 2012, her last semester at Duke.  As we approach Thanksgiving time, it seems especially appropriate to consider gratitude and how to appreciate the small things in life...

This blog was written by Ashley Taylor, a recently graduated Duke student.

Facebook boasts over 800 million active users, and more than 50% of them log in on any given day. Every single minute, over 48 hours of video is being uploaded to YouTube, and videos on the site are receiving more than two billion views daily! This year, the announcement of Beyoncé’s pregnancy sparked Twitter’s highest “tweets per second” rate at nearly 9,000 tweets. The bottom line is that lots of people are using social networking sites almost all of the time.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009:
    Today is the day of all days. Today is the day I find out if I got accepted into Duke University.     What a rush! It is 8 a.m., and I run to my computer. As I open my email, I see that I have ONE     message in my inbox: the sender—DUKE UNIVERSITY. Should I open it? I was bombarded     with a flux of emotions. I was torn between the possible excitement of being accepted and the     potential disappointment of being rejected. But I HAD to check. Here goes nothing: click...     YES!!!!!! The email read:

    "Dear Stephanie Amador,
    Congratulations! The Admissions Committee and I take great pleasure in offering you a place     in the Duke University Class of 2013…"

Thumbnail Hi! My name is Ayan and I am a rising senior. I am pre-law and majoring in Psychology and minoring in International Comparative studies with a focus on the Middle East. I was lucky enough to participate in the first ever Duke in the Arab World program and got to travel to Doha, Qatar and Cairo, Egypt this summer. It was HOT but I loved every second of my time abroad.

My Blue Right of Passage

Hello my name is Jessie Lu, and I am a junior from Guangzhou, China. I major in Public Policy, minor in Psychology and have a Market Management Study Certificate.