It's already November! That means the fall semester is almost over and you may be asking yourself how you missed August, September, and October. Don't worry, it's easy for the semester to fly by so fast; especially with all of the opportunities on campus. To provide you with a quick recap UCAE Student Involvement has compiled a few infographics of semester highlights. Hopefully this fills you with some nostalgia for the past semester and encourages you to seek out new opportunities in the spring. 


After entering the gates, the visible skyline is the first thing you notice in the dark: huge, lit-up Ferris wheels and towers of adrenaline-pumping rides. Once you get closer after maneuvering through crowds of equally ecstatic people, you start to take in the aromas of delicious deep-fried foods and the ringing noises of test-your-luck games.

Did you guess it already? There could be no other place like this around here but the North Carolina State Fair! 

Thumbnail In this post, Dr. Christy Lohr Sapp, Associate Dean for Religious Life, shares her thoughts on collaboration and relationship building as important components of interfaith dialogue.  â€˜Collaboration’ is a noted dimension of the Duke University Leadership Framework.     

Whether you are an established member of an arts organization or just discovering your passion for the arts, the new Arts Annex is perfect for you!  Opening this fall, the Arts Annex houses new