Blog Author:
Elena Cavallero

Thank you Rubens for agreeing on being our featured student for the month! As a Karsh Scholar I have been able to appreciate your openness to new students and willingness to help everyone and before you leave I want to share your story with everyone!

Blog Author:
Larry Moneta, Vice President for Student Affairs

Dear Duke Families,

As I look out my office window, I have the privilege of seeing our students walking (and rushing) by between classes, meals, meetings and study venues. So many things are apparent on the rare occasion that I get to just pause and admire the passersby. I notice that many seem either immune to the winter chill or in denial about the need to wear warmer clothes! I notice that rarely is anyone walking alone. Students travel in pairs, groups and masses! I notice that some kind of technological device is apparently welded to their ears or their palms (hopefully talking or texting with you). But, I also notice how remarkably different they are, reflecting the substantial and wonderful diversity within the Duke student body.

Blog Author:
SangHee Jeong, Program Coordinator at International House

Hello everyone! How is your summer going? I am sure it is going well, but here is an idea to make it even more flavorful! IHouse Summer Social with Music in the Gardens Concert Series kicked off last Wednesday, June 5. It was a perfect evening for an outdoor concert – the weather was very pleasant, and the rain was courteous enough not to come down in Durham in that evening so we could enjoy the concert happy and dry.


by Monika Jingchen Hu

Last weekend, a friend of mine from college, N, visited me here at Durham. He’s American and we got to know each other while he was studying abroad in Hong Kong, which was about 3 years ago. The fall semester before that I studied in Syracuse University in the US as an exchange student and I enjoyed it a lot, so I was very much in the mood of making friends with foreign students studying abroad in Hong Kong. I felt good serving the role as a Chinese from Mainland China studying in Hong Kong and had some living experience in the West, as to better introduce Chinese culture and discuss differences between China and America.

Submitted by Monika Jingchen Hu

When I talked to my college friends who are currently in graduate schools in different American universities, they were surprised to know that Duke graduate students can enjoy fall break. I was quite “proud” to announce that I would be taking my fall break off, traveling and meeting old friends. This time the destination is Seattle.

So I booked my tickets early in September, and never really thought about traveling schedule after that. All I knew was I would have a place to stay for those days and friends could show me around, so I didn’t have to plan and worry.

Submitted by Monika Jingchen Hu

The International House organizes GLS workshop series and today’s topic is “Eating Healthy on a Budget”, presented by Nutritionist Toni Ann Apadula (RD, LDN). Here is some advice that I think will be beneficial for many of us.