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A community response

Jack D explains what happened:

As many of you know, early in the morning yesterday someone entered my dorm and sprawled on the wall of the first floor, “Death to all fags @ Jack.” In just five words and an ‘at’ symbol, my sense of security and safety on this campus was shattered. 

Efforts have been made to find the assailant but the likelihood of success seems minimal. However, the person who wrote on the wall is greatly unimportant.

I would like for people to understand who I am. I wish to be a peer and not a name. I grew up near Boston with a single mother and siblings. I played sports throughout school and spent summers volunteering. I am a freshman but have lived as a proudly out and visible gay man on Duke’s campus. I am Jack. I am the fag. I do not deserve this treatment. No one deserves this treatment.

Friday, 12.7.12 6:00 PM


For the past two years we have hosted a First Year End of Fall Semester Dinner. The dinner this year is planned for Friday, Dec. 7th at 6PM. All first-year students who have been or would like to have some connection with the Center are invited to attend. It will be a casual dinner with conversation with the Center director about your first-year experience on the Duke Campus. Yummy food is promised! Please RSVP to to let us know how much food to order.