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Brian Njoroge

“If you do not take random naps, you are not living life” - despondent pre-med student after coming from a chemistry lab.

As finals season approaches, most of us find ourselves running low on sleep. CAPS recommends 6-8 hours of sleep to maximize productivity. Although napping daily isn’t advised (sad, right?), such times call for dire measures- in this case should suffice. No one wants to take the bus back to East or Central Campus or walk down the countless steps to your room in Edens (you might as well just go to Wilson if you needed to work out) just to take a nap.  I asked a couple of students- whose napping habits are questionable- for the perfect napping spots around the Campus Center. 

This list is in no preferential order.

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Emilie Dye

Fraternity & Sorority Life has a new initiative this year! Embark: Fraternity & Sorority Potential New Member Orientation is a program design to introduce students to the benefits and responsibilities that come from joining a fraternity or sorority. Students interested in joining any fraternity or sorority at Duke were informed that participation in Embark is expected – either prior to joining, or during the semester of a student’s initiation. This fall, it includes four sessions, offered at varying times and days to accommodate class schedules.

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Jessie Stellini
Photo of Jessie Stellini at the Dear World Event
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Everyone has a story to share… many in fact. The power in your story is in the human-to-human bridges it builds. That’s what Dear World is all about, and that’s why the Campus Center Programming Committee brought Dear World to Duke.

Dear World is a world-wide campaign that captures individual portraits with a small, significant, detail from that person’s “story” in a “story-on-skin portrait”. Dear World came to Duke to capture pieces of our stories – Duke’s stories. We started on Wednesday evening with a select group of Duke students, faculty, staff, and administrators who participated in the story-telling workshop and then were asked to get their portrait taken. On Thursday, we hosted 3 more workshops. As the “Street Team” coached participants on how to capture the one detail from their story, they listened. They listened for stories that held the powerful messages others at Duke could benefit from hearing and selected those story-tellers to share their full story out loud at the show on Thursday evening. Those 5 students modeled what it looks like to be vulnerable, something that our community often side-steps to maintain the façade of effortless perfection that is so inherently “Duke”. Over 100 people participated in the workshops, came to hear the stories at the show, and were inspired to celebrate stories at the reception that followed.

After one of the workshops, one participant said to me “I love what this is about, but I don’t think I’m going to do a photo, thank you though.” Who was I to change this person’s mind? But I stepped out of my own comfort zone (because let’s face it, that’s part of the Dear World magic – permission to be vulnerable) and asked them to tell me why the photo didn’t feel “right”. “It just isn’t the platform for me to share something so personal,” they said.

But that’s the rest of the Dear World magic – the photo ISN’T the platform for a whole story. It’s a springboard really, for encouraging personal connections in person. The photo is like cracking the door just slightly to let someone know you’re there, but waiting for – rather -- needing them to peek in a bit from their side before you invite them all the way in.

I let this person walk away, feeling like I hadn’t done Dear World justice in explaining how it “worked”. I tried to shake it off. I talked with more people about their stories, their details, their photos. I made brand new, deep, connections and learned more than I ever expected to about people I meet with for an hour every single week. I connected to Duke through the stories of individuals.

A tap on the shoulder, I turned around. The person from before who was so unsure smiled, eyes sparkling, and said, “I’m going to do it.”

That is the magic of Dear World. That is the magic of your story.

-Jessie Stellini

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Kyle Fox

Earlier this month Duke University welcomed its 10th president, Vincent Price. UCAE was there, behind the scenes, for a week full of activities and events to celebrate this momentous occasion. Months of meetings culminated in dozens of trucks making deliveries to the Campus Center, Abele Quad, and East Campus, met by UCAE staff who quickly took over direction to ensure everything found its proper place. For two solid days the Duke community was taken over by a huge carnival followed by a formal ceremony and a flawless ceremony. 

Study Break and Exam Schedule Event Policy:
Student groups are not allowed to host events after the last day of classes each semester. This ensures a commitment to our academic partners as we support a quiet and studious environment during exams. However groups may host a Study Break. Study Breaks are intended to provide an alternative to events, but not pose a significant distraction to campus.    A study break will comply with all of the following:  1. The activity must be open only to group members 2. The activity must last no longer than 2 hours 3. The activity must not include any of the following criteria that would trigger event registration
Estimated attendance of 100+
Alcohol present
Outdoor amplified sound
Guest Speaker
Political campaign events featuring political candidate for office and/or voter registration drives
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Kyle Fox

A nap, a big hug, some really really good food, and snuggling with your dog are a few of the mental images the “Take What You Need” board offers. The end of the semester can be a stressful time and while a weekend at the beach would be great, sometimes just taking a moment to imagine yourself on vacation is enough to catch your breath.

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Kyle Fox

When we eat a great meal we don't usually think about the farmer that planted the crops, or the truck driver that transported the ingredients, or the retailer that stocked their shelves, or the chef that followed a recipe, or any of the other countless individuals involved in each bite. Thinking about every bite in such detail would be overwhelming and at the end of the day everyone involved is happy that their work was appreciated. Attending a great event can be viewed in the same way.

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Center for Leadership Development and Social Action


Announcement of Nominees

Congratulations to the following students, organizations, faculty and staff, who have been nominated to receive Duke University’s most prestigious campus-wide honors for student leadership and service. Awards recipients and nominees will be celebrated at In The Spotlight on April 20, 2017, 5 pm, Arts Annex. The event is open to the Duke community.

In The Spotlight 2017
Award Nominees

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award
Lauren Harper
Betty Chen
Adia Coley
Martha Addison Cady

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Lauren Sibley

“To be a strong woman, you don’t have to give up on the things that define you as a woman.”
                                                                                                                      – Lisa Jackson

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David Pittman Award
DSG has created a new award to honor Dr. David Pittman. The David Pittman Award, named for the Director of Student Life, is awarded to a member of the Duke University administration, faculty, staff, or student body whose work with the Duke Student Government demonstrates a selfless commitment to mentorship, fostering a supportive environment for character growth and contributing to the leadership development of its members.