On April 13, an email was sent to all Division laptop users regarding the ongoing upgrades to our backup system.

As of now, we've begun migrating users to the new system. You should see no disruption in backup service during this process, although you may experience a few redundant backups until the old system is completely taken offline. We're also using this opportunity to clear up any laptop issues that may have prevented users from being backed up in the past.

If you haven't already, please review the email and make sure you've followed the steps described to prepare your laptop for backup. If you didn't receive the email, or have questions about it, please don't hesitate to contact the Student Affairs ITS Support team at


As HRC’s National Field Director, I was thrilled to be in North Carolina this week participating in a number of campaign events aimed at defeating Amendment One.  Nowhere was there more energy and organization that at Duke University, where student leader Jacob Tobia and others in Duke Together Against Constitutional Discrimination have set the bar incredibly high for outstanding work against Amendment One.  Polls have already opened and the final day to vote is May 8.  If Duke students are any indication about where this country is headed, and how this vote will go down, we can all be proud and encouraged by their depth of commitment to fairness and equality and the extraordinary organizing skills that will help us defeat this hateful amendment in North Carolina.


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Thumbnail On April 18, more than 60 students, faculty, staff, and alumni were recognized at the annual Duke University Student Leadership and Service Awards, the university’s most prestigious awards for leadership and engagement, recognizing individuals and organizations who have made a significant impact at Duke and beyond.

The RACE: Are we so Different? A Project of the American Anthropological Association has been in Durham for the past few months and was here through January 22. I recommend people to go see it as it provides many different perspectives and insights on the topic of race. However, this is not simply a plug for an art exhibit. I was excited to attend a private viewing of the exhibit on behalf of one of my colleagues early in the fall. There were various community members in attendance, some university employees, some city hall staff, volunteers, and museum staff as well.  I found myself engaged in conversation with a person who worked in city hall.  The person was telling me about the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration they were going to have the next day.

Thumbnail Multitudes, an interactive photo project and exhibition will be featured in the Perkins Student Art Gallery. The 40 potraits of Asian students at Duke aims to display diversity and subvert stereotypes. A.B. Duke scholar Tong Xiang is a project co-director and A.B. Duke scholar Andy Chu is a participant in the exhibition.

Perkins Library - Student Art Gallery
Currently on display

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During Blue Devil Days, a number of people asked me about the Focus Program. I was so excited to talk to them about it; I decided I was going to blog about it. So what’s the Focus Program really like? While each Focus graduate will give you a different answer, I can say with confidence that Focus was the second best Duke-related decision I’ve made so far – the first of course being my commitment to Duke University.

So what’s it like living on East Campus? Do you feel safe? What’s the best dorm to live in? Do you like that freshman have their own campus?…These are just a few of the questions I’ve been asked by some prospective students and their parents during Blue Devil Days about East Campus and the first-year experience.