"Apple has just released a pair of security updates for OS X and Safari that fix a few unrelated security problems. Monday brought news of a Mac issue that could reveal logins and passwords, and the OS 10.7 patch will be fixing that among other things. But there's also a Safari update that's a little more complicated."

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Duke officials announced that the approval of Amendment One by North Carolina voters yesterday is not expected to impact Duke's long-standing policy to extend same-sex partner benefits to faculty and staff.

"Duke was one of the first employers to make benefits available to same sex partners in 1994 as a way to be inclusive and supportive of the needs of all faculty and staff, and this support will continue," said Kyle Cavanaugh, vice president of administration at Duke.

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Amtrak has started using iPhones during the intake of tickets. Their first round of tests has been successful and they plan to extent the service to 1,700 conductors during the summer. 

Pretty cool use of technology.....I wonder if Angry Birds is also loaded.

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Before I could mumble a word about myself, I was white. This is evident by the information on my birth certificate. I never knew my biological father and I have never met him. He left before I was born. Nonetheless, he was white, my mother was white, and so I was white. I had no say. It was what people told me I was. Simple enough? Well, not really. It’s quite complex.

The White House Council on Environmental Quality launched "The Youth Sustainability Challenge: Creating an America Built to Last" this week. White House representatives contacted Duke directly to recruit Duke students to the effort.

Duke Dining would like to thank the Class of 2015 with an


Come enjoy a Marketplace Signature Event to show our appreciation for dining with us this year, we invite you to…

Marketplace Beach Party!
Thursday May 3rd

  • Free Giveaways, DJ Clay May, and a menu you don’t want to miss!
  • Hand rolled Sushi Station
  • Mocktail and Mixer Bar at Trinity
  • Funnel Cake Bar
  • Loco pops!
  • Shrimp cocktail
  • …and much more!

Open to all students, faculty, and staff. Board swipe or equivalent required.

Recently, Macintosh computers have been in the news regarding the Flashback Trojan.

The Duke IT Security office has posted an informative blog concerning security recommendations. 

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Several months ago, Student Affairs embarked on a web redesign. But it was more than just a redesign. We gathered staff and student input, accessed experts, and poured through a multitude of studies and reports on how people of various generations use online tools of all types.

We had three primary goals:


You know the feeling...cold chills, clammy palms, a sinking feeling in the stomach.....reminding you that you've been in the library longer than any student should if they want to stay sane....  You could buckle down and pull another all-nighter in Perkins.......surrounded by your fellow exam week zombies....

Or you can cure what ails you and join the Women's Center interns for an all-week study party!  The Women's Center is open late all week with snacks, coffee, and comfy couches.  The space will be quiet, but you'll be among friends.  Come in any time from 9AM-10PM today through Friday.  

Don't let the zombies win!  Take a study break in the Women's Center.

Residence Life and Duke Recycling are working together to gather those unwanted, end of year items that students no longer need but still have use to others.

Arwen Buchholz of Duke Recycle said that multiple bins will be set up in residence halls throughout campus, and collection pickups are made regularly. The contents are going to support three different local organizations. Durham Rescue Mission is collecting materials from West Campus; the Salvation Army is collecting from East Campus; and Goodwill is collecting from Central Campus.

Non-perishable items donated by students include clothing, shoes, office supplies, kitchen items, area rugs, and other items, Buchholz said, adding that one of the oddest donations they ever received was 10 pairs of size 18 shoes from Duke Athletics.

Download donation locations here: