Hey all!  My name is Jeff Day and I am a rising Sophomore here at Duke University who is an Electrical and Computer Engineering major with a possible Math double major or minor.  First of all I would like to welcome the Class of 2016 to Duke!  You are truly in for the ride of your life and I hope you come to appreciate this unique place as much as I have over the past year.  Although I am a very recent addition to the True Blue cast (found out I was going to be in it about two weeks ago) I was really excited to be able to go back to Duke early to be a meaningful part of O-week.  I just finishe

My name is Kimberly McCrae and I recently transitioned to the Women's Center, as the Program Coordinator.  My beginning date was August 1, 2012 and things have been moving at a rapid pace ever since!  One of my first official engagements in this new chapter in my life was co-teaching a workshop with Sean Novak, a man of many talents, (Did you know he can rap?) for Project Change.  This small group of incoming Freshmen was somewhat omnipresent during their week-long experience in the program...they were EVERYWHERE!  They had a full week of immersion experiences, explicitly intended to prepare them for life here at Duke, in Durham and in the world at large.  I must say that these P-Changers were energetic, inquisitive, intelligent, bold, talkative and creative.  There are many ways to be a leader and this group held within it many great examples of leadership that I'm sure will emerge m

Welcome back to campus for another exciting school year. If you’ve wondered what we were up to his Summer, let us fill you in. While you were interning in New York City, service-learning with Duke Engage, or studying abroad, the staff in UCAE Student Activities focused our 12 weeks of Summer on making Duke life better for student organizations and student leaders. So, we really didn’t get a summer vacation, but that’s okay: you are worth it!

Last year, we heard organizations and students tell us that student organization life and leadership development opportunities are great, but it could be better.

Here are some highlights of 5 new things that you will see this Fall in response to your feedback and needs.

A Talk with Sharon Salzberg Offered for Duke Students

“...a life of connection and authenticity can come completely alive for us now. Discovering that our hearts are indeed wide enough to embrace the whole world of experience—both pleasurable and painful—is the basis of extraordinary freedom and happiness.” – Sharon Salzberg

Start Off the Year Learning To Live Life
With Less Stress and More Complete Well-Being.

The syllabi and schedules of the Fall semester will soon pull you into anticipating what will happen next, dreading what you have to get done.

This talk will introduce concepts and life approaches, including mindfulness meditation, to help you move toward valuing your sense of place here at Duke, your connections with each other, and the gratification of learning.

We didn't catch everything, but we did catch a lot. For more photos, visit Duke's Facebook site.




Were you president of your student body, editor of the newspaper or yearbook, chair of this or that in high school? Do you want to continue your leadership path here at Duke? Maybe you never had time for that and want to try it out now? Then, let us give you the inside track on what's up with leadership at Duke.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009:
    Today is the day of all days. Today is the day I find out if I got accepted into Duke University.     What a rush! It is 8 a.m., and I run to my computer. As I open my email, I see that I have ONE     message in my inbox: the sender—DUKE UNIVERSITY. Should I open it? I was bombarded     with a flux of emotions. I was torn between the possible excitement of being accepted and the     potential disappointment of being rejected. But I HAD to check. Here goes nothing: click...     YES!!!!!! The email read:

    "Dear Stephanie Amador,
    Congratulations! The Admissions Committee and I take great pleasure in offering you a place     in the Duke University Class of 2013…"

Every year the campus comes together to welcome the newest class of students to campus, starting with Move In. Lead by the students of the First Year Advisory Council (FACs), move in is a snap, and full of fun, energy, and plenty of free water.


The Summer Reading Series is a long-standing tradition at Duke, building a community of conversation for first-year students around a common reading. Now, campus-wide, Duke is joining our newest class, taking new looks at Anne Patchett's A State of Wonder. From the visual arts, to expert academic analysis, to the new DukeReads program, everyone is invited to engage in the discussion.

From Book to Art Exhibit:
A new art exhibition at Duke's Nasher Museum of Art
takes its inspiration from the freshman class summer reading book.