“Oh, you go to DUKE!?!” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this remark since making the decision to spend four years of my life wandering around the Gothic Wonderland. Now, 3 years later and only two semesters away from joining all of the other “grown-ups” in the “real world,” I’m sitting on my bed, in a campus apartment, thinking about those hectic months leading up to my arrival on campus and the beginning of a new chapter in my life as I write this blog entry.

My name is Jason and I am a rising junior who is a Neuroscience major and Chemistry minor, but have always had a passion for wellness and healthy living, especially in the Duke community. This fall, I will once again be a part of the True Blue cast, though I am currently in Beirut, Lebanon with DukeEngage accomplishing some great strides in tobacco regulation and smoking cessation in the Middle East. The city here is absolutely beautiful and the food is delicious! I encourage all of you to apply to DukeEngage in the future; it’s a very enlightening, challenging, and eye-opening experience.

At the university counseling center where I work, the students are limp with relief when the semester finally grinds to an end and summer arrives. For college students and graduate students around the country, summer brings a much-needed break from the pressures of the academic year. However, academic pressures are not the only challenges facing emerging adults, young people between the ages of 19-29. They are typically dealing with a wide range of challenges and stressors that are related to their stage of life; they are in the midst of a developmental process that can take quite a bit of fortitude to resolve.

What exactly does it look like to develop an “adult identity”? Basically, it looks like a young person starting to make decisions based on his or her own unique preferences and perspectives.

The Office of Student Conduct is moving to 200 Crowell Building, East Campus, on Thursday, June 28, 2012.  During this move you will not be able to reach us by phone or fax.  Email us at with any concerns.  We look forward to serving you in our new location on Friday, June 29, 2012!


Have you heard of True Blue? If you’re a returning Duke student, you probably remember bits and pieces from your busy orientation week. If you’re a student who is coming to Duke this fall you’ll get to see True Blue for yourself, soon enough!

Members of the Class of 2016 can now find their fall 2012 housing assignment on Once you login you will find your room assignment, room size, your roommate (if you are in a double or triple), and your move-in date and time. Beginning July 23, 2012 you will be able to download your special parking pass for your move-in time and building. If you have a question and are unable to find the answer in the First-Year FAQs, contact us at


That's the topic of The Invisible War, a new investigative documentary by Dick Kirby (Academy Award nominee for

Some of our resident feminists have made GOOD, winning Goodmaker's $1000 prize to support their viral idea: Who Needs Feminism.  And, we aren't the only ones who noticed.  The project also got a nod in the latest Ms magazine--on newstands now! Congratulations to Rachel's class!


The OIT security office has alerted IT leaders regarding the latest round of companies with compromised passwords. 

They are:




Our IT team highly recommends that users change their passwords for these sites (and any other site where you use this same password)