Join us for our next "Chew on This" event, at Marketplace, featuring Tealaxation! Get ready to create your own tea blends and learn about how tea can affect our physical, mental and environmental health! In addition to tea-laxing other Student Wellness departments will be there to help you relax your way through finals!

"Chew on This" is a new collaborative event brought to you by Duke Dining and Duke Nutrition Services where we look at how the food we choose affects our physical, mental and environmental health.

Thursday, 4/25/2019

Marketplace: 9am-11am

National Empanada Day

Celebrate National Empanada Day with us at Marketplace with a variety of empanadas at the Pop Up station!

Served at Pop Up:

Beef and Cilantro Empanadas (contains milk, egg, soy, wheat)

Buffalo Chicken Empanadas (contains milk, egg, soy, wheat)

Vegetable Empanadas ( V, contains milk, egg, soy, wheat)

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Elena Cavallero

This week let’s explore the country where you can ski in the morning and swim in the afternoon of the same day!

Lebanon is located in the rocky area of West Asia known as the Levant, surrounded by Syria and Israel. The country is divided in 4 main geographical regions with the capital city located in Beirut. The other famous cities are Tripoli in the north and Tyre in the south. The name Lebanon means “white” in Phoenician, referring to the snowy mountains.

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Multiple Authors

2018 Student Experiences Survey: Q&A for parents

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Sanya Kochhar

Narrator: You are listening to the Duke University Parent and Family Programs Podcast. 

Maggie: Hello, this is Maggie Peterson from the Office of Parent and Family Programs at Duke University. We are here today with Sanya Kochhar, Vice President for Campus Life and student leader for A-Team here at Duke. Thank you for being here today to chat with us! Can you please start by telling us your name, hometown, major, and class year at Duke? 

Sanya: My name is Sanya Kochhar. I’m a junior studying computer science with a minor in biology and history. And I am from New Delhi, India, and I am a junior. 

Maggie: I would like to start by learning more about your role working with A-Team, so for those who don’t know, could you explain what A-Team is? 

A new restaurant has popped up at The Chef's Kitchen for lunch from 11am-2pm, Monday through Friday!

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Eva Hong

Morocco is a country located in the Maghreb region of North West Africa. Its capital is Rabat, the largest city Casablanca. It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

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Alicia Rhodes, Assistant Director, Duke University Career Center
myth or fact?

Class of 2022, many of you may have heard myths about the Career Center or you have preconceived thoughts on the purpose of the Career Center, the services we provide, and the st

Chew on This March


Join us for our next "Chew on This" event where we will talk about whole grains and why we need carbs. Enjoy a sampling of a variety of whole grain dishes, too!


Whole Grain Sampling:

Breakfast for Dinner at Marketplace

STUDENTS: You asked so we are delivering! Join us for BRINNER (Breakfast for Dinner) at Marketplace!

Thursday, March 28, 2019