A Devil's Perspective

Hey there Duke students! I hope the Spring semester is treating you well so far. I’m definitely busy with classes, clubs, and Career Center blogging, but I think I’ve finally found my groove. With everything settling in at school, I feel less stressed than I did last semester. It feels like I’ve got a handle on my life, both school and social. But… one thing is still looming over my head like a dark and scary rain cloud. The thought of internships.

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Christopher P. Roy, Associate Professor of the Practice of Chemistry

The last time I was asked to write a reflection for the newsletter, I was in an entirely different place in my life. The semester had just ended, and I traveled home to Vermont to spend time with family and reflect on the past year and things that were going on in my life.  While my reflection last time focused on family, today -- years later -- I find myself thinking about time. The beginning of a new semester is the perfect opportunity to reflect on time, as I hope you had a chance to spend cherished time with family and friends over the winter break. And of course, as we start a new year and semester, that time together feels as if it already passed way too quickly.

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Elena Cavallero

Often considered a dream destination, the Philippines is the nation of green rice fields, never sleeping megacities, and volcanoes.

The Philippines, located in South-East Asia, has more than 7,000 islands all preserving amazing beaches, and marine life. The land is highly populated given that it sits at the 12th most populous countries in the world with a growth rate at 2%. In 1946 the Philippines gained independence after years of strikes against the American and Spanish sovereignty.

Chef's Chatter Series

Get to know your chefs and learn something new; Enjoy a bite of something good, too!

Celebrate National Oatmeal Month and chat with Marketplace Executive Chef Mark Turner! Try a sampling of steel cut oat risotto made with butternut squash and kale! 


Featured Recipe:

Steel-Cut Oat “Risotto” with Butternut Squash and Kale

This hearty risotto is made with steel-cut oats instead of rice. It’s thick, creamy and rich like regular risotto, but with extra texture and nutty flavor, thanks to the oats. 

Recipe yields 4 generous or 6 more modest servings.

Taste of Disney Dinner

Join us for a Disney-filled evening full of Disney themed dishes, characters and decor at the Taste of Disney Dinner! 

Wednesday, 1/23


1892 GRILLE: 100 Acre Woods (Winnie the Poo)

-Dry Rubbed Pork Spare Ribs with Honey Glaze

-Bouncy Vegetarian Tigger Tots

-Eeyore’s Favorite Loaded Cheese Fries

- Piglets in A Blanket

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Alicia Rhodes, Assistant Director, Duke University Career Center
Link to Interviewing Guide on Career Center Website

As you are exploring different opportunities for your upcoming summer experience, especially first years, it is never too early to start preparing for interviews. The Career Center provides a variety of resources to guide you in interview prep such as the STAR method approach to answering behavioral based interview questions and sample

AMCO-Image The Chef's Kitchen-logo

A new menu has "popped up" at The Chef's Kitchen!
AMCO is a build-your-own American comfort food concept and will be at The Chef's Kitchen through 2/15.

Check out the menu below:


AMCO: American Comfort Food @ The Chef’s Kitchen

Blog Author:
Alicia Rhodes, Assistant Director, Duke University Career Center
Careerconnections logo. decorative

First-years, are you taking advantage of one of the most important resources available to you through the Career Center? If not, please start utilizing CareerConnectionsIf you have not done so already, please login and complete your profile so you can unveil tools which will help you navigate your professional development through your time at Duke.  I know you are wondering, what is this resource?

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Sandra Martinez-Zuniga, Assistant Director, Duke Career Center
the next step

It is when we encounter change and challenges that we grow and learn the most. Transitions can be scary but they also provide amazing opportunities. Think of your transition into elementary school - well, you might not remember back that far - but think about the skill it took you to adapt to a whole new world: teachers, recess, new friends, new interactions. You learned how to play together, how to share, how to ask for help. Maybe you remember better your transitions into middle school or high school. All the new routines, the new friends, the new social expectations. You learned so much, socially and academically.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, well almost. First you have to get through the end of semester work, final projects and exams (and of course the holidays themselves are stressful for many of us).

Although self-care is always important, it’s particularly necessary this time of year. So we thought we would share our ideas on how to continue to practice self-care during the season you may need it most!

Here is some advice from our Wellness staff on how to care for yourself during this busy time of year:

Set aside some “me” time: