Campus Life

About Us

Our students connect to Campus Life Centers and Departments through interest and/or identity. It is our intention to deliver an array of international programs and services.

To support the Division’s Strategic Plan, to promote student growth and development through exposure to and promotion of skills and experiences in Cultural Competency the Cultural Centers are employing the following cultural competency framework and define Cultural Competence as:

* SELF-AWARENESS: Having the consciousness of one’s social identities*, cultures, biases, and perspectives, and the ability to understand what we bring to the relationships and situations.

* UNDERSTANDING AND VALUING OTHERS: Knowledge and appreciation of the social identities, cultures, and worldviews of other people

* KNOWLEDGE OF SOCIETAL INEQUALITIES: Understanding of the different forms of privilege and oppression that one is part of and how these affect others’ experiences, opportunities, and access to social power, and how different forms of inequality interlock and intersect in our lives

* SKILLS TO INTERACT EFFECTIVELY WITH DIVERSE PEOPLE IN DIFFERENT CONTEXTS: Ability to adapt to and work collaboratively with diverse people in a range of situations

* SKILLS TO FOSTER EQUITY AND INCLUSION: Ability to identify and address inequities and choose appropriate interventions to create environments, policies, and practices to ensure diversity and fairness

(* social identities include race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, socioeconomic status, ability, nationality, etc.)