Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric Services

Our team is made up of three psychiatrists and one Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner who have completed specialty training in psychopharmacology and psychotherapy.  Our psychiatrists offer limited psychotherapy, psychiatric consultation within the Duke community, medication evaluations, ongoing medication management within the scope of our services, and referrals for needs that fall outside the scope of care that CAPS provides.

Medication management can include treatment for depression, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, eating problems, and more. We do not evaluate or treat students for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, but we can help with appropriate referral when this is a concern.

To get started, students will meet virtually with a counselor during an Access visit before being referred to a medication evaluation with a psychiatry provider. Our medication evaluations last 50-minutes and medication management/follow up visits are 30 minutes. Depending on the time of the semester, there may be a wait to see a psychiatry provider.

For health concerns or medication questions, please call CAPS (919) 660-1000 during regular business hours. Your provider or a covering provider will respond within 24 business hours. For any life-threatening emergency, please call 911. For urgent concerns after hours, please call HealthLink at (984) 974-6303.

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Some general guidelines to help you get the most of your medication experience:

• Take your medication at regular times, as prescribed. Ask your provider before making any changes.

• Alcohol and caffeine’s effects can interact negatively with medication. Please check with your provider to understand what food-medication interactions to avoid.

• Recreational drugs and herbal supplements can interfere with medication metabolism and it’s best to avoid these while taking medication.

• Please let your CAPS provider know about all medications, substances, and non-prescription pills or remedies you are using.

• If you notice anything unusual that is causing you distress, please contact your provider.

• Many medications shouldn’t be started at full dose, nor should they be stopped abruptly; doing so can precipitate unwanted effects.

• If you are about to run out of your medication, please contact CAPS at least 3 business days in advance to ask for a refill.

• Regular monitoring is important for your safety and to make sure your medication is working correctly. If it’s been a while since your last appointment, your provider may ask you to make an appointment when you call for a refill request.

• If you think there is anything important that has been overlooked, please talk with your provider

How can I get a new prescription filled?

You may take your prescription to any on campus or retail pharmacy. Make sure to bring your insurance card and Government Issued ID with you.


My prescription is from a non-CAPS provider, can I get a refill from CAPS?

Please contact the provider who most recently prescribed your medication and ask them for a refill.


What if my provider is at home or at Student Health?

To minimize the risk of errors, it is best for one provider to prescribe your medications. In general, when there is an established care provider, it is recommended to continue medication care with them.


What if I don’t have insurance?

Please let your CAPS provider know, and they will talk with you about low-cost medication options.


What if I need to contact my provider at CAPS?

Please call CAPS and leave a message for them. If your provider is not available that day, the cross covering provider will call you back. To avoid the possibility of delay in getting you assistance and to protect your privacy, email contacts are not recommended.


My pharmacy has faxed a prescription but it was not filled. What is the issue?

Many pharmacies have automated computer systems that send requests for medication when it is getting close to time for a refill. Our students travel often, with multiple pharmacies sending requests for the same or outdated medications. To avoid prescribing errors, we ask that students call the CAPS main desk to initiate refill requests.


I’m leaving for summer/semester away, how can I get my medication?

Talk with your CAPS provider. Many times, if you are stable and don’t need medication changes, they can extend your prescription. If you need closer monitoring or will be away longer than 6 months, they will discuss options for planning your care with you.


How can I get a medication follow up if I’m on Medical Leave, taking a Leave of Absence, or after I have graduated?

CAPS psychiatry eligibility is for currently enrolled, full-time Duke students. For those who are on leave or have graduated, it may be important for your medication to be continued until you’re seen by your new provider. If it is clinically appropriate, your CAPS psychiatry provider can provide an extended prescription.

However, if it is clinically necessary to monitor or to make a medication adjustment, at most a one-month supply will be provided.