Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

Campus Community Engagement

The mission of CAPS Outreach Services is to extend the caring wisdom and expertise of the traditional counseling session into the campus community.   Recognizing that the challenges facing students are often linked to the environment in which they live and learn, we devote a great deal of resources on trying to make the Duke University community a more therapeutic place, including challenging some of the unhealthy or harmful norms that often emerge in society. We provide various forms of outreach in the service of  CAPS' endeavors in clinical, developmental,  and social justice domains, all situated within the mission of the Division of Student Affairs.

Our Outreach Services come in various forms, including

Consultation and Advising with students, faculty, and staff on efforts to improve campus mental health and create a more supportive community.

Ongoing Workshops Series on Various Life Skills and Issues 

Programs By Request of faculty, staff, and student communities.


  • Delivering Presentations on Topics Related to Mental Health, Student Development, or Campus Life
  • Facilitation of Dialogue and Discussion on issues facing student communities.
  • Training Sessions in topics such as How To Help a Peer, Facilitating Group Discussion, and Launching Effective Initiatives aimed at improving the campus community.
  • Serving in Panels in which the expertise of CAPS staff contributes to issues being addressed on campus.

Distributing Materials and Tools to Inform the Duke University community about CAPS services or areas reflected in the expertise of CAPS staff.


CAPS Outreach is guided by the following overarching goals:

I. To communicate the role and availability of clinical, consultative, and outreach services of CAPS, including reducing stigma that hinders students from seeking help.  
II. To respond to psychological and emotional crises that emerge in any given community within the University or the campus, overall.
III. To provide informative materials and programs to Duke University student communities aimed at facilitating mental health (including personal, interpersonal, and social development.)
IV. To Create a Community/Climate of Compassionate and Therapeutic Support.

Because the world we live in, including our campus, continues to struggle with issues related to marginalization of particular communities, all of our outreach services include a high value placed on increasing awareness of social justice issues, promoting mindsets and actions that advance our values of Diversity and Inclusion.

As community needs are best addressed by a community mindset, CAPS places a high value in collaborating with campus partners, among faculty, staff, and students.