Internship Programs
Think of internships as a broad set of experiences that may complement your on- and off-campus activities and coursework or help you bridge gaps in your exploration, learning, and development. Internships are most often explicitly pre-professional in nature and are one of many tools you can use to gain self-insight, knowledge, and skills.

The iNet Internship Network is an internship posting database shared by Georgetown, MIT, Northwestern, Rice, Stanford, NYU, University of Pennsylvania, Yale, and Duke. This database gives you access to a full range of internship opportunities in all industries.

Internship Series Online
Use this national internship database compiled by Career Education Institutes for opportunities listed in 14 work sectors and to opportunities on many employer sites.

Internship Funding Opportunities
The Duke Career Center’s Internship Funding Program aims to reduce the financial challenges associated with participating in a wide range of low-paying or unpaid internships.

Credit for Internship Policy
Direct academic credit cannot be given solely for an internship experience unless required as part of one’s academic program.  However, students may seek support from a faculty member within an academic department or program for an independent study course that would include learning derived from the internship.