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We will partner with current students and alumni, their first year out, to create an action plan for developing and accomplishing personal career goals. We recommend developing a relationship with an adviser during your first year at Duke. We hope you will connect with us early and often.
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Duke Career Center Confidentiality Policy

Most information shared in career advising appointments remains confidential. In specific circumstances, the Career Center may be required to break confidentiality to protect you or identified others from harm. Duke Career Center staff protects the privacy and security of student records as governed by FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act). FERPA protects education records but permits communication with parents and university personnel in connection of a health or safety emergency.

The exceptions to maintaining confidentiality include: · Compliance with Duke University’s Student Sexual Misconduct Policy (Title IX )which states that with the exception of these confidential resources (Student Health, Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS), Women’s Center, Clergy who are acting as such in their professional role at Duke and Ombudsperson, all employees (Faculty and Staff) who become aware of conduct that might fall under this policy are expected to notify the Office of Student Conduct with the names of the parties involved and the details of the report.

  • Career Center determines there is a clear, imminent threat to your health and/or safety or the health and safety of others.
  • Career Center staff may be in contact with and/or may disclose information obtained through appointments with other University personnel who have a legitimate educational interest.

Please contact the Career Center with questions regarding this policy.


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The Career Center provides services, programs, events, online tools and resources for undergraduates, graduate students and alumni for one year after graduation from Trinity College, Duke's Pratt School of Engineering, the Graduate School, the Divinity School, and the School of Medicine's Master of Biostatistics and Population Health Sciences programs.

Duke Pratt School of Engineering Master's Programs provide alumni services for up to four years after graduation.

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We partner with centers and colleagues across the Duke community to enhance career services for all Duke students as part of the "One Duke" initiative.