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Career Ambassador Team

The Career Ambassador Team program contributes to the Duke University Career Center's mission to support the career development of Duke students. Career Ambassadors make a campus-wide impact by providing guidance to their peers, creating and sustaining campus and external partnerships, serving as career development role models, encouraging reflection and exploration, and connecting students with resources for success in their professional endeavors. Ambassadors' efforts strengthen the Career Center's communication and engagement with the undergraduate community.


Career Ambassadors will be rising Sophomores, Juniors, or Seniors who enjoy working on teams and pitching in for the good of the group/organization. They will demonstrate good communication and time management skills and be open to giving and receiving constructive feedback to/from peers and staff. Ambassadors offer enthusiasm, dependability, willingness to learn, and openness to new ideas and are willing and able to prioritize a leadership commitment to the Career Center.


Ambassadors will develop advising, leadership, team building, networking, and presentation skills. They will receive personalized attention from a career adviser mentor while making new friends and getting to know the Career Center staff. They develop job/internship search skills and craft a great resume. They have the opportunity to connect with employers interested in recruiting Duke students and make a difference in the lives of their peers.

2018-2019 Career Ambassador Team

career ambassador group photo
Brigitte Blanco '19 headshot
President: Brigitte Blanco '19 Majors: Public Policy, Biology
CAT-Bill Wei '20 headshot
V.P.: Bill Wei '20 Majors:Economics, Computer Scienc
CAT-Qiang Zhang '19 headshot
Secretary: Qiang Zhang '19 Major:Political Science Minors:Psychology, Music
Kelly Cheng '19 headshot
Kelly Cheng '19 Major: Economics (Finance Concentration)
CAT-Kevin Deng '20 headshot
Kevin Deng '20 Major: Computer Science; Minor: Education


CAT-Matthew Keep '20 headshot
Matthew Keep '20 Major: Economics, Computer Science


CAT-Noelle Li '20 headshot
Noelle Li '20


Ha Nguyen headshot
Ha Nguyen '21 Major: International Comparative Studies, Comp Science
CAT-Lola Telo '19 headshot
Lola Telo '19 Major:History Minor:Psychology
arnav velaparthi headshot
Arnav Velaparthi '21 Major: Economics with Finance Concentration, Statistics
CAT-James Wang '19 headshot
James Wang '19 Major:Statistics
CAT-Joyce Wang '19 headshot
Joyce Wang '19 Major:Neuroscience Minors:Global Health, Computational Biology
CAT-Linda Zhang '20 headshot
Linda Zhang '20 Major:Public Policy