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The data provided is from the Senior Survey, designed by the Consortium on Financing Higher Education (COFHE), and is administered to seniors, via the web each April. It asks seniors about their post-graduation plans, satisfaction with their undergraduate education, services provided by the university and their participation in activities.

For the survey administered in April 2017, for 1, 668 graduating seniors, we achieved 964 responses, 58 percent of the class.

See what work or further education sectors Duke graduates go into sorted by major division.

Class of 2017
When asked about their plans for fall 2017

Chart for Fall 2017 Plans


Of the 678 respondents, 484 have accepted positions or have offers.

22.6% of respondents planning to work, plan to work for a nonprofit, government agency, or NGO

Fall 2017 Education Plans

Chart of COFHE Fall 2017 Education Plans

Future Education Plans

chart of COFHE Future education plans

94.7% of respondents with positions were hired by companies with recruiting relationships with Duke Career Center
 **According to Duke Career Center Data 67.5% of graduates met with a career adviser or student ambassador for advice during their time at Duke


Employers Hiring 4 or more Duke Seniors

logos of Employers 2017


Industries Employing Duke Students

chart of 2017 COFHE Industries

Top 5 States Where Students Go
(North Carolina, New York, California, Washington DC and Massachusetts)

pie chart of COFHE 2017 States

Top Countries for employment (outside the U.S.)
(United Kingdom, China, Kenya, Australia, India, Singapore and South Korea) 

pie chart of COFHE 2017 Countries


chart of Class 2017 number of internships

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