Career Center

Mission, Values and Goals

Our mission is to serve the Duke Community as the comprehensive career center committed to the education and development of the whole person, integrating academic, personal and career development.

Core Values

The Duke University Career Center contributes to this community of learning by engaging students and alumni in an ongoing examination and pursuit of what is meaningful and valuable in their lives.  The Career Center provides opportunities for individuals to explore the intersection of their education, values, goals, skills and experiences in order to identify and realize their aspirations.  The Career Center supports individuals in their quest to integrate the many roles, public and private, that they will play throughout their lives.  Its mission is to enhance individual resourcefulness and responsibility in career development.

Fundamental Goals

  • Encourage all students and alumni toward intellectual, social, physical and cultural development in the realm of professional and career identity through free, open inquiry and critical reflection of experiences.   We promote an ethical and compassionate view of the world that acknowledges the value of diverse identities and supports students application of their learning in service to society.
  • Collaborate with all students and alumni on a curriculum of career development as an integrated and life-long process of personal, professional and academic decision-making.
  • Create a supportive, safe, responsive, respectful and equitable environment within which all students and alumni are taught to explore options based on individual capabilities, interests and values. 
  • Facilitate and maintain communication with all constituents, locally, nationally and internationally, to ensure provision of relevant and effective services.
  • Recognize, value and encourage a range of career exploration and learning options and services that provide the necessary human, technological and information resources to support career exploration in an ever-changing environment.
  • Utilize a collaborative approach to facilitating partnerships across campus and external communities that support the process of career exploration and learning through a range of innovative processes for connecting students’ personal, academic and career goals to academic, extracurricular, experiential and professional opportunities.
  • Provide access to appropriate human, technological and information resources to support career exploration in a dynamic marketplace.
  • Aspire to excellence, demonstrated by a commitment to high standards of professional conduct, continuous assessment and evaluation and improvement of client services, and leadership within the academic and professional community.