Career Center

Drop-in Advising


drop-in advising, no appointment necessary

Why go?

Drop-in Advising is the best way to get immediate and ongoing feedback on your resumes and other documents.  You can also use Drop-in Advising to ask any quick career questions, learn about the Career Center, and our resources.  You'll spend 10 to 15 minutes with an adviser, so don't hesitate to organize your thoughts in advance to make the most of the time!

How it works

Bring your printed documents to be reviewed
(In Smith Warehouse, there is an ePrint station in Bay 12, 2nd Floor and flex ePrint in Bay 6, 1st Floor). 
Sign in when you arrive -first come, first served.


Graduate Students

Master's and Doctoral Students of The Graduate School and Divinity School and Master's Students of Biostatistics in the School of Medicine

   Monday,  January 14
   11am-1pm          Brodhead Center Room 216

   Wednesdays,  January 9 - April 17 (except March 13, Spring Break)
   2-4pm                 North Building Room 401

   Fridays,  January 11 - April 19 (except March 15, Spring Break)
   10am-12pm       Brodhead Center, Room 241

Master of Engineering Management, Master of Engineering, and Master of Science in Engineering Students

Open Advising Studio

While fall and spring classes are in session, Engineering Master's students can use Open Advising Studio times to stop in for quick feedback or advice, and even better, come together to work on your internship or job search while we're available to answer your questions.  

These are generally located in FCIEMAS Atrium, 1-4pm Monday to Thursday and you may come for a few minutes or the entire scheduled time. No registration is required, and like all of our services, it is free. Both the CareerConnections and Duke calendars have accurate information about the details for each day.

Engineering Master's students also have opportunities to get individual feedback Mondays to Thursdays each week in 15 or 30 minute meetings   -register using CareerConnections Advising tool (quick start guide & video tutorial). 


Undergraduate Students

In the Career Center Resource Room, Smith Warehouse, Bay 5, 2nd Floor, while classes are in session, August- April

Monday through Friday                                1:00 pm to 4:00 pm