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We serve the Duke community of undergraduates, graduate students and alumni of Trinity College, the Divinity School, Duke's Pratt School of Engineering, the Biostatistics Program, and The Graduate School at Duke University.

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Duke students, academics and initiatives

Quick Facts about our Students
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Interdisciplinary Nature of Duke Education and Student Interests

A solid, broadly-based liberal education that improves analytical, communication and learning skills.
Interdisciplinary Initiatives
The interdisciplinary nature of Duke’s academic programs serves as the foundation for the promotion of study and critical inquiry at the frontiers of research throughout the globe.  Duke’s interdisciplinary programs foster collaboration across disciplines, schools, and institutes at the university.  As a result, the interdisciplinary programs listed below are cultivating some of Duke’s most cutting-edge research to support the university’s mission of placing knowledge in service to society.

  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Duke Immerse
  • Bass Connections
  • Program II
  • Winter Forum
  • Certificate Programs
  • Signature Courses
  • BioCoRE Program

83% of Duke students double major

A Small Sample of Certificate Programs Duke Offers, in Addition to Majors and Minors 

  • Markets and Management
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Information Science and Information Studies
  • Global Development Engineering Certificate
  • Policy Journalism and Media Studies
  • Civic Engagement and Social Change Certificate
  • Child Policy Research Certificate

Institutes and Centers at Duke 

  • Duke Institute for Brain Science
  • Social Sciences Research Institute
  • Energy Initiative
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Science and Society

50+% of undergraduates participate in faculty-directed research as a part of their studies 

80% of undergraduates had internships or work-related experiences during their time at Duke

Diversity of the Student Population (Fall 2015) 

Undergraduate (6,485 Students)
African American: 10%
American Indian: 1%
Asian-American: 22%
Caucasian: 46%
International: 10%
Hispanic: 7%
Other/Unknown: 4%

Graduate (8,465 Students)
African American: 5%
Asian-American: 10%
Hispanic/Latino: 4%
Caucasian: 49%
International: 25%
Other/Unknown: 4%

43–46% of students will have studied abroad before graduation (Roughly 30% of engineers)

Top 5 Home States (50 States Represented)
1.    North Carolina
2.    California
3.    New York
4.    Florida
5.    Texas 

Top 5 Home Countries (Other Than US)
1.    China
2.    Canada
3.    Great Britain
4.    Korea
5.    India

Student Engagement

Duke has more than 400 active student groups.



Our Career Center has 24 staff and a single-site, state-of-the-art office with 20+ interview rooms—close to downtown Durham.
In addition to collaborating on events, we schedule fair dates in consideration of each other to make visits more productive for recruiters.

Career Center lobby

Fall and Spring Events 

September and January 

Co-hosted by Duke Pratt School of Engineering and the Department of Computer Science—panel discussions and networking

Student & Employer Diversity Symposium and Diversity Networking Dinner
Connecting company representatives with Duke’s diverse student body, featuring a variety of sectors

Fall Career Fair and Career & Summer Opportunities Fair
Our largest fairs featuring a wide variety of industries


North Carolina Master’s & Ph.D. Fair
At The Friday Center in Chapel Hill, NC, in collaboration with six area universities

Ignite Your Internship Search
A high-energy event to share information about internship opportunities

DEMAN Weekend (Duke Entertainment, Media, Arts Network)
Alumni working in the arts return to campus to advise students


Networking event

A consortia interviewing event 

October, March and April

Virtual Career Fairs
  Diversity Fair
  GCC Ph.D. & Master’s Career Fair
  SEC & ACC Career Fair

13% of Duke Applicants Admitted

1360-1550 SAT Composite

A Small Sample of Who Hires Duke Students 

  • Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Apple
  • Blackrock
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Boston Scientific
  • Capital One
  • CarMax
  • Carnival Cruise Line
  • Citi
  • Deloitte
  • Delta Air Lines
  • General Electric
  • Morgan Stanley
  • National Basketball Association
  • National Institutes of Health
  • Sandia National Laboratories

In our jobs database, CareerConnections: 139 companies are international and feature locations such as London, Dubai, Seoul, Tel Aviv, Shanghai, Moscow, Singapore, Chengdu, Beunos Aires, Madrid, Berlin, Toronto, Tokyo, Paris, Amsterdam, Panama, Busan, Sydney, Nairobi and Bejing. 
Also, there are companies registered in all 50 states. 

To Learn More About

  • Attending career fairs
  • Posting a job or internship
  • Scheduling an information session
  • Scheduling on-campus interviewing
  • Recruiting diverse candidates
  • Building a recruiting strategy
  • Connecting with Duke students remotely

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Students from different Master’s and Doctoral programs are able to contribute a diverse set of research, technical and transferable skills that are vital to the success of your organization.

Sample Accomplishments From Students’ Resumes

Social Sciences [Economics, Political Science]

  • Determine the influence of industrial offshoring by designing algorithms to analyze average monthly wages by category and location over three decades. [M.A. Quantitative Economics]
  • Delivered research presentation at five national and international conferences, including the largest international conference in the Social Sciences, the American Psychological Association. [Ph.D. Liberal Arts/Social Sciences]

Physical Sciences & Engineering [Engineering, Computer Science, Statistical Science]

  • Designed graphical programming interface, and created a system to predict information transmission in Online Social Networks using machine learning. [M.S. Computer Science]

Humanities [East Asian Studies, Art History, Religious Studies]

  • Analyze solutions to non-performing assets and create summary reports while reviewing annual statements of several global financial institutions. Utilize proficiency in multiple languages to communicate with global branches and verify accounts. [M.A. East Asian Studies]
  • Wrote and pitched successful grant proposal, in collaboration with the Duke Entrepreneurship Initiative, securing $75,000 in funding for two-year project. [Ph.D. Liberal Arts]

Biological Sciences [Biostatistics, Global Health, Medical Physics]

Guide research projects and train students in statistics and computer science undergraduate and graduate courses. Organized international summit conference for executives from healthcare and government organizations and venture capital firms, raising up to $10,000. [Ph.D. Computational Biology & Bioinformatics]

Benefits of Hiring Master’s Degree and Doctoral Students

  • Ph.D. students are increasingly becoming interested in industry, and interested earlier in the recruiting process
  • Breadth and depth of subject matter expertise, with a global perspective
  • Quantitative, analytical, critical thinking, extensive research, and excellent communication skills balanced with interpersonal and collaborative work style
  • Research projects, interests and publications provide employers with a framework for identifying and providing solutions to technology systems, new policies and customer needs
  • Establish pipeline of qualified, talented candidates

Trends in Graduate Programs at Duke

Master’s: Area of growth at Duke

  • There are over 20 Master’s programs in Social Sciences, Physical Sciences & Engineering, Humanities, and Biological Sciences
  • Research skills and knowledge are more advanced than undergraduate students
  • Trajectory after entry-level roles is faster than undergraduate counterparts
  • Previous internship and work experience
  • Duke Master’s programs are becoming more sought after by public, private, nonprofit, and government organizations
  • Some graduate programs are interdisciplinary in nature, providing students with insights and abilities from multiple fields
  • Graduate students excel in project management and leadership through research projects and participation in projects such as Duke Interdisciplinary Social Innovators and Bass Connections

Doctoral: Highly qualified students are looking at careers outside of academia

  • There are over 30 Doctoral programs in Social Sciences, Physical Sciences & Engineering, Humanities, Divinity, and Biological Sciences
  • More Ph.D. students are looking to apply their skillsto real-world, collaborative problems
  • Ph.D. students have successfully completed a complex, independently-led project, with multiple stakeholders, from inception to completion, by way of the dissertation process
  • Doctoral students can shepherd projects from abstract concepts to defined questions, logically develop methods for answering research or business questions, and clearly communicate their results and their relevance to others
  • Some graduate programs are very specialized, which is also an asset for those who seek experts or employees who can go very deep into topics
  • Discovering or understanding something new is a competitive advantage that students who have written a dissertation offer, including the resilience, tenacity and patience that working with these types of projects requires


Ways to Interact

These options provide a mutual opportunity for students to learn from employers more broadly, as well as employers learning from and understanding graduate students. Students are available for project work, externships, internships, and full-time opportunities. We also assist in developing your recruiting strategy, including branding, virtual and in-person activities, alumni partnerships and peer-to-peer events for high quality interactions.

  • Job postings
  • Virtual engagement
  • Educational events
    Career exploration sessions, hackathons, competitions, resume and interview workshops, tips for on-the-job success workshops
  • On-Campus Recruiting
    Information sessions, interviews
  • Duke Career Fairs
    TechConnect, Student & Employer Diversity Symposium, Fall Career Fair, Nonprofit & Government Career Fair, NC Master’s & Ph.D. Fair, Career & Summer Opportunities Fair, Just-in-Time Career Fair
  • Pop-up Career Fairs
  • Bass Connections
  • Employer site visit, job shadowing
  • Just-in-time hiring

Contact Monique Turrentine and our Employer Relations team, 919.660.1053


Academic Majors and Programs

Institutes and Initiatives
Learn about various extracurricular activities that enhance students’ academic experience while at Duke. Examples include the Energy Initiative, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and the Information Initiative at Duke.



of students accepting offers
were hired by companies with
recruiting relationships with the
Duke Career Center.

(2018 COFHE First Destination Data for Duke)

Career Outcomes Data

chart for fall plans for class of 2018.

COFHE Senior Survey Data -- Duke data only
The data provided is from the Senior Survey, designed by the Consortium on Financing Higher Education (COFHE), and is administered to seniors, via the web each April. It asks seniors about their post-graduation plans, satisfaction with their undergraduate education, services provided by the university and their participation in activities. For the survey administered in April 2018 to 1,617 graduating seniors, we achieved 768 responses, 47 percent of the class.


We work with a broad range of employers


Let us work with you to set up a plan for how you can make the most of your location to hire local talent.

The Raleigh-Durham area continues to be a top destination of our students according to the COFHE Senior Survey 2018 results.

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North Carolina Employer Partnerships

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Domestic and non-local

Whether it’s coming to campus, connecting remotely or a combination of both, we can work with you to determine the best course of action for your hiring needs.

Top US geographic destinations of Duke students: NC, NY, CA, DC and MA


Our employer partners span the globe, as do many of our students and alumni. The global education that Duke provides can bring language fluency and culture familiarity to your organization. We will work with you to manage recruiting activities based on your organization’s hiring schedule and time zone.

14% of Duke undergraduate and 25% of Duke graduate students are non-U.S. citizens.

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