Career Center

Build a Recruiting Strategy

The Duke Career Center is committed to making our services and the experience of our industry partners easy and mutually beneficial.  We recognize that one size does not fit all and we work hard to create a partnership with each company which is valuable to their needs and also the students and alumni of Duke University.

Why Your Campus Brand Is Important
Building your brand on campus provides students with the knowledge and insight to consider your organization within a competitive recruiting environment.

Building a brand is a sophisticated process that will help you become a recognized campus partner.  Employers with the strongest brand at Duke use a variety of strategies to attract and connect with candidates.  These may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • eFlyers
  • Information Sessions
  • Coffee Chats
  • Diversity Forum
  • Career Fairs
  • Student Organization Presentations
  • Competitions & Simulations
  • In-Class Presentations
  • Faculty Connections
  • On-Campus Recruiting

Please contact Anne Lyford for assistance with your branding strategy at Duke.

Student Newspaper -The Chronicle
You can announce jobs, publicize on-campus visits and information sessions using a variety of advertising options in The Chronicle. Contact Megan Haven, (919) 684-0371.

Duke Graduate Student Resume Book
We would like to assist with your recruiting strategy at Duke University by offering access to a paid subscription of the Duke Graduate Student Resume Book (electronic database). The resume book will allow you to access a diverse set of Duke University Master’s and Doctoral students seeking internship or full-time opportunities. Resume books are created based on specific criteria, such as: degree program, graduation year, work authorization, and degree level. Subscriptions are available for purchase to all employers for $75 per resume book.

Access is granted for each academic year, August 1 to May 31. The resume book is live on a rolling basis so it is up to date each time you access. This is helpful due to the varied availability of Duke graduate students. Once you subscribe to the specific resume book(s), you will have access from the date of purchase through May 31 of the current academic year. When your access ends, you will have the option to subscribe for the upcoming academic year. If you purchase access between June 1 - July 31, you will be granted access to the resume book beginning August 1.

We will be more than happy to direct you to the appropriate resume book based on your available positions. For instance, students in the Related Master’s Programs (Humanistic) resume book are often seeking employment with diverse employers and within various functions, including in nonprofit and policy sectors. Ph.D. students have broad research skills, which can be used working at museums, consulting firms, and in data analytics roles, just to name a few.

For more information about the Duke Graduate Student Resume Book, please contact Monique Turrentine, or 919-660-1097.