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When posting your internships through CareerConnections we will automatically list your opportunity in two additional posting databases, iNet and UCAN, that reach talent from more of the nation's top colleges and universities. If you would like to post exclusively for Duke students, simply opt out of either or both networks when listing your internship.

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iNet & UCAN: Additional posting tools for internships, inside CareerConnections!

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Reach over 26,500 registered students from: Duke, Georgetown, Harvard, MIT, NYU, Northwestern, Rice, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, University of Southern California, and Yale.  


Reach over 78,500 students from: Boston College, Brown, College of William and Mary, Duke, Emory, Harvard, Notre Dame, Oberlin, Pepperdine, Princeton, SMU, Swarthmore, Tulane, University of Chicago, University of Denver, University of Miami, University of Richmond, University of San Francisco, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Washington University in St. Louis, and Williams College.

US Department of Labor Information on Paid vs. Unpaid Internships

The Chronicle (at Duke)
Questions about advertising in Duke's independent daily student newspaper should be directed to The Chronicle  or call (919) 684-3811.

Locate the Duke career office best suited to help you identify your target audience among Duke students and alumni.

Post academic, research, work-study, and part-time positions associated with Duke University.  Posting access is limited to Duke students and employees.