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Spring 2021: Our recruiting activities (including information sessions and coffee chats/office hours) will take place virtually, utilizing the online platform of your choice.

Information sessions allow employers to present information to students on current opportunities and organizational background. We are encouraging employers to think outside of the typical information session box and to provide value-add engagement events for our students. This can be in the form of a workshop, resume review, industry panel, professional development session or another form of engagement that make the most sense for your company.

Information sessions and office hours can be hosted at various times throughout the day and evening. Our recommendation is late afternoon/early evening. We encourage you to keep your sessions at 90 minutes or less.   

Due to the high demand for information sessions, multiple organizations may hold information sessions in the same time slot.  Although we cannot guarantee it, the Duke Career Center will aim to only have organizations of different industries in the same time slot. We ask organizations to work with us in order to allow our students to attend as many information sessions of their interest as is possible.
Requests for information sessions must be made with a minimum of two weeks between the date of the request and the date of the session.  

Steps for Requesting an Information Session

  1. Log in to CareerConnections to submit your information session request.
  2. Select the Campus Recruiting Requests tab (on the left side of the page) and then select Add Request+ (on the top, left side of the page).
  3. Once scheduled, your information session will be promoted in CareerConnections and Events@Duke.

Recruiting Policies

Recruiting Policies for Employers
Recruiting Policies for Students


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