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This information is to help you start exploring careers in consulting. It is by no means exhaustive, and you should definitely look for additional sources of information.
Consulting is a career in which you provide insight and expertise to clients with particular strategy, operational, or technical needs. The broadest version of this is management consulting in which you may work with professionals from many different industries. There are also industry-specific opportunities in consulting, focusing on engineering, economics, government, pharma, environment, and many others. Consulting firms are looking for talent from various backgrounds, no matter if it’s in social sciences, humanities, or STEM.

Duke Career Center Consulting 101 Course

If you are new to consulting, take this short course to get an overview of the consulting industry and further your preparation for fall recruitment.
In this course, you will learn about different types of consulting, some of the bigger firms recruiting on campus, what a case interview is, and approaches to prepare.










Watch these introductory videos to learn more. 

In addition to consultant positions, consulting firms employ people in a variety of roles, including data scientist/analyst, economist, video producer, presentation designer, and training/professional development.

Compare Different Consulting Organizations


  • Abt Associates*#
  • NERA
  • Bates White Economic Consulting#
  • Cornerstone Research#


  • Dewberry*
  • ANSYS#


  • Ramboll Environ#
  • Enviroscan
  • MDB, Inc.*
  • Barbara J. Goldsmith & Co.
  • Center for Environmental Farming Systems*
  • Product Stewardship Institute

Life Science & Healthcare

  • Pricespective*#
  • Clearview#
  • Nuventra*#
  • LEK Consulting#
  • Mathematica Policy Research#
  • Quintiles Advisory
  • Sciome LLC*#
  • Evidera*#
  • Putnam Associates#
  • Bionest Partners

Political Risk

  • Control Risks#
  • Aon*#
  • Eurasia Group#


  • Tessella#
  • Green Powered Technology
  • Quanta Technology*#

Federal/Public Sector

  • Maximus
  • CGI*#
  • Capgemini#
  • KPMG*#
  • LMI

Financial Tech

  • Capco#
  • Prescio#
  • FIS#
  • RSM US*#


  • Bright Leaf*
  • Eagle Hill Consulting
  • Accenture#
  • Bain#
  • Boston Consulting Group#
  • Charles River Associates
  • Deloitte#
  • Ernst & Young#
  • McKinsey#
  • PwC#
  • Triangle Insights Group*#


  • Duff & Phelps
  • Results for Development
  • Bridgespan Group#
  • Aspire Research Group
  • Moss and Ross*

Global Health

  • Global Health Strategies#
  • John Snow, Inc.
  • Insight Global Health*

Human Capital

  • FMP Consulting
  • CACI
  • Insperity*#
  • Emerson Human Capital Consulting

International Development

  • ICF*#
  • Agrifood Consulting International

Social Sciences

  • ReD Associates#
  • Insitum
  • Social Science Insights


  • Clarkson Consulting*
  • Booz Allen Hamilton#
  • Atos#
  • DXC
  • Unisys*#
  • Avanade#
  • BM Global Business Solutions#


* = in the Raleigh-Durham area;
# = history of sponsoring visas from
Tip:search LinkedIn or Google Finance for these employers, and look for the section on related companies to help you identify others.


Recruitment for Management Consulting

For some companies, Bachelor’s and Master’s candidates are recruited separately from PhDs. If you are pursuing a Master’s degree, consulting companies expect your cover letter to contain information about why you decided to pursue a Master’s. Consulting firms with branches around the world may also have different recruitment pipelines for international students looking to move out of the United States.

Read Additional Consulting and Career Resources

Meet Consulting Professionals to Talk About Opportunities and Their Careers



Build These Specific Skill Sets and Highlight Them When Applying

Tip: Particular jobs may not require all of these skill sets, so find out from online resources and professionals you meet which of these skills sets are most relevant.

  • Communication: talk with stakeholders of all backgrounds and levels; walk clients, coworkers, and supervisors through a logical argument; speaking in front of groups; disagree politely; tactful persuasion
  • Leadership: take ownership of your ideas and contributions; fearless regardless of a company’s hierarchy; management; emotional intelligence; take initiative; coordinate projects; strategic thinking
  • Analytical skills: solve problems; meticulous; creative approaches; quantitative skills; research problems; comfort with uncertainty
  • Curiosity: ask questions; learn quickly
  • Flexibility: speed and agility; change projects quickly; patience; learn quickly; tenacity; work under stress
  • Collaboration: interdisciplinary/cross-functional teams; diverse experiences; team-building reliable; anticipate needs
  • Accomplishment: achievement-oriented; results-driven; work under deadlines
  • Basic business principles: understanding practicalities of time and money; business judgment; global perspective

Gain Experience

Tip: You can gain experience in many ways that involve different amounts of time investment.

Practice Case Interviewing

Tip: You may need to practice 20-30 cases with a partner or consultant in order to prepare for the interview.

Consulting Job Search Tools

Consider: what are the common skills required by jobs and internships?

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