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Registering for Courses in Other Duke Schools

Registering for Courses in Other Duke Schools

Duke master’s and doctoral students in the Graduate School and Duke Divinity can take courses in other schools at Duke. Through these courses, students can gain valuable knowledge and skills that can be helpful in current projects and career development. Below is additional information on how Duke graduate students can enroll for courses in other schools.

Master’s Program in Bioethics and Science Policy

Duke Science and Society offers a Master’s program focused on how law and policies interact with scientific research. You can complete this degree concurrent with your current graduate program. Graduates from this program often go into policy-related careers at scientific companies, law firms, non-profits, or government agencies. [Learn more]

Duke Sanford School of Public Policy

Gender & Development (PUBPOL 789)
Indigenous Issues, Human Rights & Development (PUBPOL 789)
Racial/Ethnic Minorities in American Politics (PUBPOL 845S)

Education Policy in Developing Countries (PUBPOL 789)

Innovation & Policy Entrepreneurship (PUBPOL 726)

Environmental Politics (PUBPOL 577)
Climate Change Economics & Policy (PUBPOL 585)

Health Policy
Health Disparities (PUBPOL 524S)

Not-For-Profit Management (PUBPOL 559S)

Science Policy
Science and The Media (PUBPOL 510S)
Science, Technology & Development Policy (PUBPOL 790)

For a complete list of upcoming courses, visit their websites:

How To Register

  • Complete the Course Add Form
  • Obtain signatures from the course instructor and your Director of Graduate Studies
  • Submit form to Sanford School Registrar

Duke Law

At Duke, upper-level law courses cover a wide range of topics that could be useful in your current work
or future career. See the current schedule of Law courses with detailed descriptions online. Make sure that the course you are interested in is suitable to your level of background knowledge. If you would like to know more about the course, you can contact the instructor of record via email. Many professors enjoy working with non-Law students in their courses. The professors, however, will not be able to add you directly to their courses; this is done through the Registrar (see below).

Art Law (Law 202)

Environment Law (Law 235)
Ocean and Coastal Law and Policy (Law 298)
Natural Resources Law and Policy (Law 368)

Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property (Law 270)
Copyright Law (Law 322)
Patent and Policy (Law 369)

Life Sciences
The Law and Policy of Innovation: The Life Sciences (Law 321) FDA Law and Policy (Law 341)

Check Requirements and Schedules

Law courses are different from other master’s and doctoral courses in both their requirements and schedule. Some classes require that students write a 30-page research paper, while others have a scheduled exam or a take-home exam.  You can find the exam schedule online, Exam rescheduling is permitted only in cases of direct conflict or illness.  Also of note, the Law School Exam period extends beyond the University exam period.

How To Register

If you are interested in taking a particular law course, you can submit a Register for a Non-Law Class at Duke Form from this page, to the Law School’s Registrar Office. Law students will register for courses first, and the remaining seats will be opened to other students. For classes with limited seats remaining, the Registrar may hold submitted forms until the end of the drop-add period before they are processed.

Duke Fuqua School of Business

Business-related courses cover a variety of topics that could be useful in different industries. Here are some examples that may be of interest to graduate students.

Engery, Markets & Innovation (ENERGYENV 625)

Health and Life Sciences
Medical Device Strategy (HLTHMGMT 712)
Biotech & Pharma Strategy (HLTHMGMT 717)
Health Care Markets (HLTHMGMT 711)

Social Entrepreneurship


Data Analytics for Business

Visit this website for a listing of upcoming courses. Your department may also receive emails from Fuqua about the courses open to graduate students, so check with your Director of Graduate Studies and Director of Graduate Studies Assistant. Make sure that the course you are interested in is suitable to your level of background knowledge. If you would like to know more about the course, you can contact the instructor of record via email. Many professors enjoy working with non-Fuqua students, though they will not be able to register you for their classes directly (see below).

How To Register

  • Complete the enrollment request form
  • Registration dates
  • Obtain permission from your department or school
  • Obtain approval from Fuqua faculty teaching the course (email or signature)
  • Submit request form for processing through Image Now to one of the following
    • Your department Director of Graduate Studies or Director of Graduate Studies Assistant
    • Administrators involved with course registration at The Graduate School or Divinity School
    • If faculty or staff need a guide to the use of Image Now, contact Pamela White (
  • Fuqua will process applications and notify departments and students before the semester starts

Certificates and Other Courses

Duke offers many certificate programs through The Graduate School. Some certificates are integrated into particular degree programs or departments, while others are available to students more broadly.

Certificate in College Teaching
The CCT program prepares students for careers involving teaching through coursework, teaching experience,
and building an online teaching portfolio. This experience is definitely useful on the academic job search, but a teaching and mentoring skill set can also apply to careers in K-12 education, adult learning, community colleges, policy and communication, training, recruiting, and management. You can try a course or two before you officially sign up for the certificate.
African & African American Studies Certificate

Anthropology & History Certificate

Biomolecular & Tissue Engineering Certificate

Computational Biology & Bioinformatics Certificate

Documentary Studies Courses

East Asian Studies Certificate

Energy Courses

Global Health Doctoral Certificate

Health Informatics Graduate Certificate

Information Science & Studies Certificate

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Courses

International Development Policy Certificate

Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Middle East Studies Certificate

Nanoscience Certificate

Philosophy of Biology Certificate

Philosophy, Art & Literature Certificate

Photonics Certificate

Slavic, Eurasian, & East European Studies Certificate

Structural Biology & Biophysics Certificate