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Networking with Duke Alumni & Professionals
Networking includes initiating and attending to professional relationships. You're likely already familiar with the power of professional academic networks as a source of relationships, learning, and opportunity. The resources listed below help you to effectively immerse yourself in the professional community to which you aspire.
Networking Guide
LinkedIn Duke University Alumni Network

Networking Events
The Career Center hosts opportunities throughout the year to meet and interact with professionals across a variety of professions. We particularly recommend these:
 Career Fairs (take note of the NC Master's & Ph.D. Career Fair and the Master's & Ph.D. Virtual Career Fair)
 Fannie Mitchell Expert in Residence Program
 Careers Beyond Academia Series (selected events, continues through spring 2015)
 Academic Job Search Series (selected events, begins again in fall 2015)

Employer Information Sessions
Employers visit campus throughout the year to present about their companies and meet students; some travel specifically to meet Master's and Ph.D. candidates.
Employer Information Sessions