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Skills Workshops for Graduate Students

Converting a CV to a Resume for Graduate Students
Non-academic employers typically request that applicants provide a focused 1-2 page resume instead of a more exhaustive CV.  What are the essential accomplishments to include in a resume? How do you identify the relevant qualifications that highlight the best of what you have to offer? In this workshop you’ll learn how to convert your CV into a focused, tailored resume that creates a compelling depiction of your significant skills and experiences. You’ll discover the differences between a resume and CV while gaining knowledge about how to demonstrate a strong professional presence.

Cover Letter Writing for Graduate Students
According to employers, job applicants who write persuasive cover letters can surge ahead in the competition for interviews. Cover letters are your opportunity to expand on the information in your resume, tell your story for an employer in a way that makes it explicit how and why you would add value to their organization, and illustrate your communication and persuasion skills all at once.  In this workshop you will learn a powerful structure for your cover letters and how to make explicit the fit between what you bring and what the employer wants.

Job Search Workshop for Graduate Students
Looking for a job can be overwhelming, especially when you're not sure what the steps in the process look like.  This workshop is designed to demystify the job search process by helping students to learn how to assess and identify their skill set, plan a targeted search, conduct informational interviews and build an actionable job search plan.  Students will leave this session with resources for where and how to look for jobs and a clear next step for them to take in their own job search.

Interviewing Skills Workshop for Graduate Students
Tell me about yourself. Tell me about a time when you demonstrated analytical skills for a complex project. Give me an example of when you used your strengths effectively? Questions! Interviews are a time for you to tell your story and show how you can fit with and contribute to an organization.  This workshop is designed to explain behavioral interviews which are interviews in which employers are determining how your past experience will predict your future performance and the process of preparing for them.  Expect to discuss answering common interview questions along with conducting research for your interview, the importance of presentation, a framework for organizing your answers, and how to effectively follow up.  Students do not have to have an upcoming interview to attend this workshop. 

Maximizing Your Career Fair Experience for Graduate Students
Attending a Career Fair could potentially be overwhelming with numerous employers and hundreds of students interested in seeing the same companies. This session will provide strategies and direction to Master's and Ph.D. students wanting to make the most of a Career Fair.

Networking: Building Professional Relationships for Graduate Students
Graduate students frequently report that face-to-face networking feels uncomfortable, inauthentic, or both.  Because you will work with others for most of your working life, your ability to build and maintain productive relationships is foundational.  In this highly interactive workshop you will learn and practice how to create conversation with people you don’t know learn networking norms and strategies, and identify effective ways to follow up to create and sustain mutually beneficial professional relationships.