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Know Yourself

Uncover What Drives You

Through a process of self-inquiry, you will gain insight into your values, interests, skills, personality, and what you have learned from unique experiences. These are the critical data that will drive your career planning and development.

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Self-Inquiry is not a one-time event. It is the best way to start thinking about your career and a place to return when contemplating transitions and significant decisions about your career. As you grow and change with new experiences and exposure to new ideas, you will return to this process many times. The more aligned your career decisions are with who you know yourself to be, the more likely you will feel fulfilled and successful.

Benefits of Self-Inquiry

You will make well-informed decisions to set yourself up for the outcomes that matter to you throughout your career.
You will better articulate your strengths and interests to others who can offer valuable guidance, connections, and opportunities.

Assess your Values, Skills, Interests, and Personality

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Values, skills, interests, and personality are lenses through which you can look at your life experience. Each is a different view into you. Use these viewpoints to identify patterns that naturally emerge through the choices you make. The exercises on the following pages can help you get started. A career adviser can help you interpret and learn from your responses.
Remember!  This is only a starting point. Look beyond this guide to other Career Center resources for more.


Next Steps and Selected Resources:
 Know Yourself—€”Uncover what drives you

▢ Start a notebook or file where you keep all of your thoughts in one place. Use it as you think of things.
▢ Read about the Opportunity Buffet and don't overload up front.
▢ Attempt the values, interests, personality, and skills exercises below. Fifteen minutes apiece is a great start.
▢ Draw a timeline of your life. Mark all of the memorable experiences. Look for patterns in the things that have been compelling and exciting for you.
▢ Assess your current network using The 5 F's of Networking.
▢ Create a list of people you would ask to be on a personal Board of Directors. Ask someone on your list to have a conversation and provide advice based on his or her life experiences.
▢ Use a career advising appointment to begin exposing patterns in your values, skills, interests, and personality. Schedule online through CareerConnections.
▢ Log in to CareerBeam for an expanded set of tools to assess yourself.
▢ Consider the questions identified in The Nine Domains to Find Your Fit.