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Identify Your Interests

Interests run the range from a passing curiosity to something with consistent and lifelong appeal. Your interests can include your passions, hobbies, and curiosities. Your career can evolve to include the interests that you have not yet pursued as much as those to which you are already committed.


Psychologist John Holland identified these six areas of occupational interest. Rank this list from the most to least descriptive of the patterns in your interests.

___________  Realistic       

___________  Investigative 

___________  Artistic          

___________  Social           

___________  Enterprising  

___________  Conventional

Practical: enjoy practical and physical; engage with tools, machines, and gadgets

Analytical: Enjoy gathering information and analysis; appreciates intellectual activities

Creative: Enjoy aesthetics and self-expression; favor unstructured environments

Connected: Enjoy helping, training, and counseling; thrive
side-by-side with others

Influential: Enjoy persuasion and managing; prefer to lead

Systematic: Enjoy details and accuracy; comfortable within a
chain of command