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An internship is practical experience acquired with the intention to inform one's decision making around career development, gain marketable skills, and network with people in a particular field.

Steps to Success

Begin early. An effective search begins well in advance of your intended internship term. It includes active self-assessment, research, and networking before you ever draft your first application. 
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Learn about different internship programs and other experiential opportunities. A comprehensive search includes a range of research methods: talking to people with information about fields of interest, reading up on industries and organizations, attending events where you can learn more, and searching internship listings online.
Networking Guide
Internship Series Online Databases
University Career Action Network (UCAN) Internship Database
iNet Internship Database

Broaden your perspective. You will gain practical experience and achieve your goals through a variety of pursuits. Consider these and other activities alongside formal internships:
Campus Organizations: Duke Student Groups
Community Engagement: Duke Community Service Center | Duke Hospital
Shadowing: Duke University Alumni Network on LinkedIn
Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship at Duke
Research: DukeList | Undergraduate Research Support  |  PhD Research Support

Consider opportunities carefully before you accept.  Revisit your self-assessment to determine whether an offer meets your goals. An acceptance is a commitment!
Ethical Conduct in Your Search
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Manage the logistics. Be sure to weigh cost of living and other practical factors to ensure that the experience will be feasible.
Credit: Duke Credit for Internships Policy
Funding: Career Center Internship Funding Program
               Other funding opportunities at Duke
Location and Housing: Goinglobal

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