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Self inquiry is a thoughtful process of discovering yourself through reflection on past experiences and acknowledging patterns in your interests, habits and strengths. This process is the foundation that informs your overall direction and is critical in order to make decisions about your future.

Steps to Success
Uncover what drives you. Analyze your experiences to this point to see which components you enjoyed, didn'€™t enjoy and why.
An Opportunity Buffet

Assess your values, interests, strengths and personality. Each one is a lens through which you can look at your life experience and will provide a different view into you. Use these viewpoints to identify patterns that naturally emerge through the choices you make. Get started with the exercises below to learn more about who you are.
Values Exploration
Interests Identification
Personality Assessment
Skills/Strengths Inventory

Solicit feedback from external sources who know you well in order to validate what you think to be true and also discover aspects of which you were unaware.
Board of Directors 
5 F's/Who Do You Know
Come to the Career Center

Align your career decisions with who you know yourself to be in order to increase your level of fulfillment and professional success. Remember that just like you, your career is, and will continue to be, multi-faceted. Explore the various elements below to better align yourself with your career goals. 
Nine Domains to Find Your Fit

Practice communicating your story. It's the hallmark of the self-inquiry process, as well as every search process. You will be expected to do this in a variety of ways - in your written communication (resume, CV, cover letter, emails) and verbal communication (conversations, networking, interviewing).
Informational Interviewing

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