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A resume is a clear and concise professional document written to provide a brief snapshot of your most relevant  accomplishments, qualities, and interests. Expect to adapt each resume to the perspective of your anticipated reader and accompany it with a cover letter.


Steps to Success

Learn some professional resume basics and begin a first draft. Use these Career Center resources to get you started:

Look at a number of resumes to build your familiarity with how young professionals effectively communicate their accomplishments. Start with our resume samples.
Sample Resumes

An online resume builder and examples
Resume and CV guides for more than 30 countries
Versatile Ph.D. 
Examples for graduate students considering non-academic careers (provided by The Graduate School)

Get feedback on your works in progress from many people, including the Career Center.
Drop-In Advising

Attend a resume workshop. Check the events calendar during the fall and spring semesters to find opportunities to practice converting your own experiences into powerful resume language.
Career Events in CareerConnections

**Stanford Public Policy students developing a resume for your major required internship, refer to the Public Policy Resume Checklist for specific requirements. Please create an account in the Sanford Career Link and go to the document library to find the checklist and specific resume writing resources.

Anatomy of a Resume

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