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Undergraduate Students

Welcome to the Career Center! The center is a place where you can learn to explore your interests, values, and strengths and use that self-knowledge to influence your decision making throughout your time here at Duke. This is also a great place for you to discover how to navigate your Duke experience as well as learn professional development skills.

Your Career Development Process

You can expect to continuously participate in a process of reflection and self-awareness during your time at Duke and also the entirety of your career and life. You will continually use your past experiences to identify short- and long-term professional goals to implement next steps that are aligned with life stage, purpose, and your individual definition of success. You will incorporate your own preferences and life experiences in this process of continual learning and decision-making.

We are here to be your thought partner in reflecting on your experiences and skills, researching opportunities, testing your strengths and interests in the world, and making intentional decisions toward your career goals.

Resources for Getting Started

Online Guides and Resources

What can I do with this major?

Whether you’re exploring majors or searching for information about your chosen field, this website will help you connect your studies to typical career areas and types of employers that hire people within that focus, as well as strategies to make you a more marketable candidate.

Professional Goal Setting Guide

As you engage in and use the seven competencies that we teach students, you will be prepared to make decisions about what comes next for you.

Learn more about aspects of professional development:

Know Yourself   |   Explore Careers  |   Understand Experience   |   Search Strategically


During advising appointments, we look at what you are interested in, explore your likes and dislikes, identify skills you prefer to use and ones you want to develop, and reflect on past experiences to guide future decisions. We also examine how your strengths can impact your interest areas, how your personality can direct certain work environments, and how your personal values guide your choices while studying at Duke as well as career decisions.

We will talk about some big questions like what is your purpose? What gives you energy? And what do you care about? This will most likely get you thinking critically and deeply about where and how you choose to spend your time.  We also address your specific job search related questions about resumescover lettersconnecting with othersinterviewing, and more! Our best advice is that you focus on being open to opportunities, build a Board of Directors, learn how to talk about yourself and experiences to others, and not be afraid to fail along the way.

Design Your Duke –First-Year Pro Tip  

Are you figuring out what how to spend your time? Want to connect with people who are doing things you are interested in? Or, maybe figure out what your interests and strengths even are?

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Christina Plante and Alicia Rhodes are career advisers who lead the Design Your Duke First-Year Initiative to teach first-year students how to Design Your Duke with the Career Center. They lead the charge in sharing with you how and why you should take advantage of your Career Center while at Duke beginning in your first year.

Our work with first-year students is to help you discover what you are curious about and develop clarity and skills that will allow you to design your success at Duke and beyond.

Duke has seven competencies to guide you in how you can go from curiosity to clarity and work towards achieving your goals.  In the first year at Duke, students mainly focus on Reflect and Connect, the two foundational competencies that will encourage you to think deeply about past experiences and connect with individuals who may share similar interests.

Be sure to schedule an appointment in CareerConnections or come see us in Online Drop-in Career Advising, and keep a look out in CareerConnections for events and workshops designed with you in mind.
[Review all seven competencies

Drop-in Advising

No appointment necessary! Bring quick questions or application documents (resumes, cover letters) to be reviewed by a career adviser or Career Ambassador Team member.  Drop-in Career Advising is available several weekdays online, and hopefully soon, at the Career Center.

Career Advising Appointments

Our goal is to support you as you explore career options, interests, and opportunities. We look forward to meeting you! Schedule an appointment online in CareerConnections several days in advance. Scheduling an appointment during your first year at Duke is very beneficial.

Career News Email

You can personalize your Career News email so that we only send you information that is valuable to you. You can choose topics, frequency, and layout! Look for an email in your inbox and scroll to the bottom to personalize.

Professional Development Workshops and Career Fairs

A number of workshops, discussions, career fairs and unique advising opportunities are offered each year to help you explore and make decisions.

Duke CareerConnections

View and apply for thousands of opportunities available around the world (posted especially for Duke students). On-Campus Interviews (actually on campus or remote) are managed through CareerConnections. You will want to keep an eye on CareerConnections for career events and opportunities. Log in and update your profile today–!

Practice Interviews

Want to learn more about interviewing and practice before applying to internships, on-campus jobs, and/or leadership roles?  The Career Center is here to help!  Talk to your adviser about it in your first appointment. We also offer a Practice Interview opportunities each semester.

Fannie Mitchell Expert-in-Residence Program

Gain information and inspiration from Duke alumni and other experts. The Fannie Mitchell Expert-in-Residence Program features accomplished professionals who share specialized knowledge and provide individual career advice to students. The program’s purpose is to stimulate new ideas and provide advising for students who are searching for career directions.

Stay Informed



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