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headshot of linda capers

125 Science Drive
0010 Bryan Center
Box 90917
Durham, NC 27708
Office Phone: 919-684-6756
Fax: 919-681-7565
Pronouns: she/her

Linda serves as Director of the Center for Multicultural Affairs. She provides oversight of our orientation programs, Organic & Physics learning communities, our annual signature program, Unity Through Diversity (UTD).  She also advises student organizations which keeps her connected to the way students experience leadership development.  As a former classroom teacher, Linda finds that working in higher ed has been the perfect venue to expand her interests in student development.  The endless opportunities to view students' unique and diverse experiences through a multicultural lens has been a remarkable career experience.

Professional interests include but are not limited to women's issues, students of color in STEM, and supporting peer learning communities which are a blueprint for successful leadership development.

Linda loves watching suspense/thriller movies,  decorating,  and baking bread.  She also enjoys a wide range of music from classical to country.

headshot of j'nai adams

006A Bryan Center
Box 90917
Durham, NC 27708
Office Phone:  919-684-6756
Fax:  919-681-7565
Pronouns: she/her

J’nai joined the Center for Multicultural Affairs (CMA)  as a Student Development Coordinator in August 2013.  In her current role as Associate Director,  J’nai’s responsibilities include conducting and coordinating the social justice trainings for campus student organizations and departments, managing the Cultural Engagement Fund, convening Duke SPARC Advisory Council, and coordinating the annual SHE Luncheon.

J’nai is an advocate for all students and serves as advisor for the Center for Race Relations (CRR), Diya, and Duke SPARC, a student-led, staff advised social justice immersion retreat.  She finds it especially gratifying developing relationships with students, campus and community partners in hopes of creating a more inclusive environment on campus.

J’nai holds a B.A in English and Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration from North Carolina State University, and a Ph.D. in Educational Studies from UNC Greensboro. During her free time, J’nai enjoys reading, traveling, music, exploring new restaurants, Zumba, and spending time with her family, and friends.

Maij CMA

125 Science Drive
005F Bryan Center
Box 90917
Durham, NC 27708
Office Phone: 919-660-2820
Fax: 919-681-7565
Pronouns: they/he/sib/homie/fam

Maij Vu Mai  joined Duke in September of 2021 and currently serves as the Assistant Director of the CMA. In their current role, Maij’s work focuses on the A/API community at Duke, providing programs and services in the areas of community engagement, multicultural education, social justice education, and leadership development. 

Maij is a BlackVietnameseBipolarTransNonbinaryQueer hailing from Charlotte, NC. Their formal education consists of a B.A. in Sociology and Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies and a M.Div. from Wake Forest University, where they also served as the graduate assistant of Wake’s LGBTQ+ Center for 3 years. A creative visionary, organizer, and liberation companion from the South, his soul work centers the bodies, voices, and lived experiences of oppressed peoples striving to transform their imaginations and worlds. Maij is and will forever be a student of community liberation and their work and curiosities are informed by the following questions: What does liberation actually look like? What does it feel like? Taste like? Smell like? Breathe like? And do our current imaginations and practices match our understanding and dreams of liberation? 

Some of Maij's favorite activities include laying out in warm patches of sunlight, engaging in new and creative projects (that they may or may not be good at), and nurturing their houseplants and 2 dogs, Lorde & Prince

headshot of joie foust

125 Science Drive
0010 Bryan Center
Box 90917
Durham, NC 27708
Office Phone: 919-684-6756
Fax: 919-681-7565
Pronouns: she/her

Joie is the Office Coordinator for the Center for Multicultural Affairs. Joie is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the office. Joie has served over 10 years within the Division of  Student Affairs providing customer service, administrative, financial, and programming support to staff and students.  Connecting with students is Joie's passion, and she seeks the opportunity to see the world through other's lenses.

Joie is a native of Washington, DC and earned her BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from Shaw University.  Joie has also obtained several Duke Financial certifications.  

She resides in Durham, NC with her daughter Kaitlyn and dog Missy. In her spare time she loves to travel and spend time with those she hold dear to her heart.  

Student Staff

Aaron Han CMA

Position: Organic Chemistry Learning Community Leader 
Class year: 2023
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Area of Study: Chemistry Major with Biology Minor 
Fun Fact:I have played spikeball with Noah Centineo when he was filming in Vancouver!

Why do you like working at the CMA? I love working in the CMA because of the tight-knit community of not only the staff but the students as well. It allows me to connect with a diverse set of peoples whom I could not have met otherwise!


Position: Academic Support & Leadership Development Graduate Assistant
Class year: 2022
Hometown: Leon, Mexico
Area of Study: Master of International Development Policy
Fun Fact: I always cheer for the underdog in sports

Why do you like working for the CMA? Alan enjoys working for the CMA because he can serve the Duke Community and those who needed the most. Something you should know about him is that he loves pizza and action movies

Anisha Sharma CMA headshot

Position: Cultural Engagement Fund (CEF), Graduate Assistant
Class Year: 2022
Hometown: Rajasthan, India
Area of Study: Master of Engineering Management
Fun Fact: I have been a national-level table tennis player and a zonal-level volleyball player in India. I also do play a lot of other sports at a professional level.

Why do you like working for the CMA? Gives me the opportunity to engage and learn more about the co-curricular experiences of the diverse student community at Duke.

Bella Bann Headshot

Position: Marketing & Design Coordinator
Class Year: 2023
Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil
Area of Study: Visual Media
Fun Fact: I wanted to pursue professional ballet instead of going to college.

Why do you like working for the CMA? I love the diversity and easy going office culture.


Position: Programming Student Coordinator
Class Year: 2022
Hometown: Montgomery, IL
Area of Study: Neuroscience
Fun Fact: My middle school holds the world record for the most people square dancing simultaneously.

Why do you like working for the CMA? The CMA is a space which has made me much more comfortable in myself and my place at this university, and I love being able to give back not only to the space which has done so much for me, but also to other, who like my past self, may not have known what their place is at a PWI.

headshot of giovanny sims

Position: Programming Student Coordinator
Class Year: 2023
Hometown: Miami, FL
Area of Study: Sociology, Cultural Anthropology, Pre-med
Fun Fact: I occasionally do spoken verb.

Why do you like working for the CMA? The CMA allows me a place to express myself socially, artistically, and confidently while also furthering inclusion and appreciating diversity on campus.

Isabella Knox CMA

Position: Marketing & Design Coordinator
Class Year: 2022
Hometown: Austin, TX
Area of Study: Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science
Fun Fact: I've dislocated my thumb and tore my meniscus in two separate flag football games throughout high school. If you can't tell, I am slightly competitive.

Why do you like working for the CMA? I enjoy working at the CMA because I know that the CMA is a place that prioritizes students and making them feel at home. As someone who struggled with finding their initial place at Duke, I know the value and role that organizations and groups such as the CMA play in a student's academic and social journey at Duke.

Jasmine Clairsaint CMA Headshot

Position: Marketing & Design Coordinator
Class Year: 2023
Hometown: Kissimmee, FL
Area of Study: Environmental Science and Visual Media Studies
Fun Fact: I can solve a Rubik’s cube in 2 and a half minutes.

Why do you like working for the CMA? I always love meeting new people and I love the supportive and uplifting community!

Position:  Programming Student Coordinator 
Class year: 2024
Hometown: Cocoa, FL
Area of Study: Computer Science & Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies
Fun Fact: I have never eaten a salad.

Why do you like working at the CMA? Coming Soon

Margot CMA

Position: SPARC, Co-Director
Class Year: 2022
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Area of Study: English with Political Theory minor
Fun Fact: A minor character in the Pixar movie Ratatouille is named after my dad!

Why do you like working for the CMA? I love working in the CMA because of the warm community among the staff members and the connections this job has allowed me to build across campus.

Position: Organic Chemistry Learning Community Leader
Class Year: 2023
Hometown: Coming Soon.
Area of Study: Coming Soon.
Fun Fact: Coming Soon.

Why Do You Like Working in the CMA? Coming Soon.

Nyrobi Manuel CMA Headshot

Position: Programming Student Coordinator
Class Year: 2023

Hometown: Denver, CO
Area of Study: Psychology, Education, and Environmental Science
Fun Fact: I am obsessed with true crime podcasts 

Why Do You Like Working in the CMA? It allows me to engage with and support the diverse student population.

Sashoy Milton headshot

Position: Cultural & Identity Programming, Graduate Assistant (Native & Indigenous Communities)
Class Year: 2023
Hometown: St. Andrew, Jamaica
Area of Study: Master of Environmental Management with an Ecotoxicology and Environmental Health focus
Fun Fact: Class of 2000 overall Sports Day Champion - SOS Kindergarten

Why do you like working for the CMA? The opportunity to cultivate a campus community within which all members are able to be authentically themselves.


Position: Cultural & Identity Programming, Graduate Assistant (Asian/American Pacific Islander Communities)
Class Year: 2023
Hometown: Japan
Area of Study: Master of Divinity 
Fun Fact: I have competed in dance competitions. 

Why Do You Like Working in the CMA? As a member of international student community who left family and home country at a young age, I have often wrestled with the ways to belong to new communities, being "different" from the majority. Through working at the CMA, I want to create a brave space at Duke and beyond where everyone's story, identity, appearance, culture, religion, and more are empowered and manifested in unity, not uniformity. 

Position: SPARC, Co-Director
Class Year: 2022
Hometown: Kissimmee, Florida
Area of Study: International Comparative Studies and Education​​​​​​​
Fun Fact: My favorite album of 2021 is folklore by Taylor Swift. It has become my safe haven to listen to this album in my alone time. Alone time with your favorite music is necessary to sustain yourself and bring joy to your soul.

Why Do You Like Working in the CMA? I like working at the CMA because it is my favorite student center at Duke. I spent most of my time on campus in the CMA spaces during my freshman and sophomore year. As a senior, it's a great feeling to get to work closely with the CMA staff like Elmer, J'nai and Joie.