Center for Multicultural Affairs

Leadership Development

The Center for Multicultural Affairs provides opportunities for students to develop as leaders who advocate for themselves and their communities. Leadership development opportunities offer ways for students to develop their interpersonal skills, engage more reflectively with the campus community, and build upon their talents and interests.

CMA Student Alliance


The Center for Multicultural Affairs (CMA) Student Alliance is a group consisting of representatives from student organizations affiliated with the CMA and other identity centers on campus to build an inclusive culture, build bridges across organizations, and coalesce around important issues concerning identity and social justice.


Members, or "Liaisons," are representatives chosen by each organization to be its voice within the Alliance and bring the Alliance's conversations back to the the organization. It is a year-long appointment, and Liaisons must be present for at least 75% of monthly meetings for the year.

The Liaison can be an executive board member who is not the President or a general body member. We encourage first- or second-year students to serve as Liaisons. This is for several reasons:

  • Membership in the Alliance is a learning and leadership development opportunity designed for students seeking to engage deeper with the Duke community.
  • We recognize that Presidents are often busy with academics, representing their organization in various functions, and career searches.
  • Liaisons, if returning to the executive board the following year after their appointment, will be fantastic leaders that are well-resourced and well-connected with other leaders. We envision alumni of the Student Alliance to be well-prepared for other leadership opportunities at Duke and beyond. 


  • Students who participate will build meaningful and equitable relationships with other undergraduate student leaders serving communities of color and marginalized students on Duke's campus.
  • Students who participate will help build a collective community for their student organizations to share campus resources, collaborate on events, and bridge possible gaps on campus. 
  • Students who participate will act as liaisons between the CMA and their respective organizations/communities, sharing information both ways and representing their organization's voice at the table while taking back the Alliance's updates to their group.
  • Students who participate will coalesce around important issues that arise throughout the year that impact any of the communities and build solidarity.
  • Students who participate will provide the CMA with feedback on events, heritage months, space usage, and new ideas to better serve their respective groups.

The CMA Student Alliance meets once a month during the academic year. For more information, please contact Linda Capers at


Facilitators Advocating for Change and Equity (FACEs)

FACEs, Facilitator(s) Advocating for Change & Equity, are paid positions in which students work alongside the CMA professional staff to facilitate programming in alignment with the Center's mission. These students serve as ambassadors for the Center for Multicultural Affairs and are committed to fostering a more inclusive campus community.  

For more information, email the Center for Multicultural Affairs.