Student Conduct

OSC Student Advisory Group

The Office of Student Conduct Advisory Group (OSCSAG) is comprised of students and staff. Its charge is to review proposed changes/additions to undergraduate behavioral expectations and processes for responding to reports of potential violations and to make recommendations on them.  OSCSAG meets at least one each fall and spring semester.

OSC Student Advisory Group 2019-20:

  • TBD, Honor Council Student Representative
  • TBD, Undergraduate Conduct Board Student Representative
  • TBD, Selective Living Group Student Representative
  • TBD, Independent Living Representative
  • TBD, Greek Organization Student Representative
  • TBD, East Campus Council Student Representative
  • TBD, Duke Student Government Representative
  • TBD, Student Member-at-Large
  • TBD, Student Member-at-Large
  • Valerie Glassman, Assistant Dean, Office of Student Conduct
  • Clay Adams, Associate Dean and Interim Director, Office of Student Conduct

  • David Frankel, Assistant Dean, Office of Student Conduct
  • Victoria Krebs, Associate Dean, Office of Student Conduct
  • Jeanna McCullers, Associate Dean, Office of Student Conduct
  • Tom Szigethy, Associate Dean and Director, Duke Student Wellness Center

If you have suggestions for policies/procedures for OSCSAG to review, email us at