Student Conduct

Annual Statistics

During the 2017-18 academic year, 830 cases of alleged misconduct were reported through the Office of Student Conduct's incident reporting system. Of these, 588, or 71%, were handled informally through the following venues:

  • 76 cases were resolved through a faculty-student resolution
  • 377 cases were handled by residence coordinators on East, West, and Central campuses
  • 101 students were granted "amnesty" through the health and safety intervention clause of the Alcohol Policy (or Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia Policy, if applicable)
  • 34 cases were handled informally by the Office of Student Conduct.

Cases that are resolved informally generally do not become a part of a student's disciplinary record.

The other 242 cases were resolved formally through the disciplinary process as follows:

  • 194 cases were resolved administratively through a meeting with one of the Office of Student Conduct deans
  • 19 cases were heard by the Undergraduate Conduct Board
  • 14 cases were dropped for lack of information to support that a policy violation occurred
  • 5 students were unavailable for their cases to be processed (typically meaning that they withdrew from the university with disciplinary action pending)
  • 2 student complainants withdrew from participating in their case and the Office of Student Conduct was unable to proceed further
  • 7 cases remain pending as of August 3, 2018.

The number of "status" sanctions issued through the disciplinary process during 2017-18 is as follows:

Residence Hall Warning/Probation 205
Disciplinary Probation* 77
Formal Warning 40
Informal Resolution 33
Admonition 31
Suspension 14

*Students issued suspension are also placed on disciplinary probation for at least one semester upon their return to Duke.