Student Conduct

Dean’s Certification

Current or former students who are applying to law school, medical school or other graduate programs, or, who want to work for the government, will likely be asked to report their disciplinary history.  If you have a form for us to complete as part of the application (often called a "Dean's Certification" form), send it to us via one of these mechanisms:

  • Email: (Please send as a PDF).
  • Fax: 919-681-7390
  • Mail (Allow 4-5 business days for us to receive the form):

Office of Student Conduct
Attn: Sarah Lewis
Box 90893
Durham, NC 27708-0893

If you are applying for admission to a state bar and that state has an online form for Duke to complete, send the request to complete the form to the attention of Stephen Bryan, Associate Dean of Students, at

Please allow 5 - 7 business days for your request to be processed.  Because of the volume of requests received, we cannot guarantee a response earlier than five business days, though we do our best to process all requests sooner.

Sometimes the form will ask that documents about the matter be sent to the requesting institution/agency.  Please understand that Duke does not do this; rather, we will prepare a summary of the disciplinary matter(s), ensuring that we have answered the questions asked.

If you do not have a form that has as part of it a signed release giving Duke permission to release this information; and, you no longer have access to your Duke email account from which you can email your request, you must complete this

Disciplinary Request Form

and return it as part of your request. 

Note that disciplinary records are kept on file only for eight years after the date of a student's matriculation (or, four years after graduation). Beginning in the fall of 2005, disciplinary records are kept permanently for any student who has been suspended or expelled.

We will respond to the questions asked on the form.  If you need a generic letter describing your disciplinary history, send us a signed request (you may use the form linked above) with the address to where we should send it.  If we no longer have any information on file for a student, we will send a letter stating that we are unable to confirm or deny that the (former) student/alumnus has a record.

Our intent with these letters is not to prevent students/alumni from achieving whatever goals they may have. We will place any incidents noted on the disciplinary record in context and describe the university response. If students had an isolated incident during their time at Duke, with no further disciplinary actions, we will note that.

It is critically important to be honest in sharing information about your disciplinary history.  Perhaps the worst thing you can do is minimize or even lie about an incident in which you were involved. Often, a student's forthrightness about an incident, and an explanation of what he/she has learned from the incident, can be a plus factor for a student.

The letter below is sent with Dean's Certification forms. It details the Office of Student Conduct policy for reporting students' disciplinary histories.


Have questions? Feel free to contact us.