Student Conduct

Faculty Outreach

We are eager to talk with faculty about our office, the services we provide, and strategies to help minimize academic dishonesty. If you are interested in our staff speaking to your department about these and other issues, do not hesitate to contact us (919-684-6938).

Faculty are also invited to serve on our Undergraduate Conduct Board. If you are interested, please contact Stephen Bryan.

If you have encountered potential academic dishonesty, please do contact us.  We will discuss with you options for addressing the matter, which may include the opportunity for you to resolve the matter informally with the student(s) involved.  It is imperative that faculty consistently contact our office about potential academic dishonesty, rather than handling the matter in isolation, as the Office of Student Conduct serves as the central repository for academic integrity reports and can relay if the student has had a prior instance of academic dishonesty.  Contacting the Office of Student Conduct also helps ensure consistency in response between instances of cheating across the university.