Student Conduct

A-Z Policies

Duke University has high expectations for students’ scholarship and conduct. In accepting admission, students indicate their willingness to subscribe to and be governed by the rules and regulations of the university, which flow from the Duke Community Standard. These policies reflect the Duke Community Standard’s fundamental values—honesty, fairness, respect, and accountability.

Undergraduates acknowledge the right of the university to take disciplinary action, including suspension or expulsion, for failure to abide by the regulations or for other conduct adjudged unsatisfactory or detrimental to the university community.

Students and groups may be held accountable for any violation of university policy that may or may not be included on this site or published in The Duke Community Standard: A Guide for Undergraduates, whether on or off campus. In addition to local ordinances and state and federal laws, the following policies govern the undergraduate community. Note that other university policies that students are expected to abide by are published elsewhere, such as the Housing and Residence Life (HRL) housing license terms, and university parking regulations.

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