Student Conduct

Other Violations

Other violations for which students or student groups may be subject to disciplinary action include, but are not limited to:

  • violating any other published or posted university regulation not specifically mentioned in this guide, including the Housing License, Housing and Residence Life regulations, student activities regulations, guidelines for student groups, parking regulations, student behavioral expectations surrounding COVID-19, etc.;
  • acting as an accomplice through action or negligence to the commission of any prohibited act;
  • attempting or intending to commit any violation of laws and/or university policies; and
  • violating local ordinances or state or federal laws (as determined through the university’s disciplinary process), including those related to noise, housing occupancy, and/or the use or distribution of alcohol.
  • violating computing and electronic communications policies, including, Duke’s acceptable use policy and group email policy. Please refer to the Office of Information Technology for expectations; see