Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity


The Carolinas LGBT Scholarship Fund
The Carolinas LGBT Scholarship is awarded annually to a student from North or South Carolina attending Duke University who receives need-based aid and identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

The scholarship is awarded each year with selection based on financial need as determined by the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid and the potential for student involvement in the LGBT community. The awarding of this scholarship does not increase the amount of financial aid for which a student qualifies, however, the scholarship will replace your self-help that is part of your need-based aid package. The name of the scholarship will show on your award letter, and in order to receive this scholarship students selected must sign a disclosure form for Duke to release information about scholarship recipients to the Donor. In addition, selected recipients are asked to write a thank you letter to the Donor. If there are any questions regarding this scholarship and what it replaces please contact the Undergraduate Financial Aid Office.

Point Foundation Scholarship
The Point Foundation Scholarship is a nationally offered scholarship for LGBT student, awarded annually. For more information, visit