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Carolinas LGBT Scholarship

The Carolinas Gay & Lesbian Scholarship at Duke University was endowed to encourage and reward involvement in the LGBT community. The scholarship helps fund the education of a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender undergraduate student from North or South Carolina attending Duke University. It was created to foster a more affirming atmosphere and encourage leadership among, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender members of the Duke community.

The scholarship is awarded each year with selection based on financial need as determined by the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid and the potential for student involvement in the LGBT community. The awarding of this scholarship does not increase the amount of financial aid for which you qualify, however, the scholarship will replace any loan or work study you may have as part of your need based aid package. This replacement can be of great benefit because it means that as long as you carry the scholarship you will accrue no loan debt during the academic year.

What Do Past Scholarship Recipients Say about Duke?
Michael McElroy, Trinity '01 - Biology major - " Being an out LGBT student puts you in touch with a HUGE social network comprised of other undergrads, grad and professional students, and even some professors. You can use this network as a resource for any variety of things from getting career advice to dating (definitely a nice bonus). I would recommend Duke to others because you cannot walk on campus for more than five minutes without seeing another LGBT student (and allies are just about everywhere ). Though the queer community is large, it's possible to know practically everyone."

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have an LGBT scholarship? Though Duke seeks to be an accepting environment for LGBT people, it continues to have a reputation for being, according to the Princeton Review, a place where 'an alternative lifestyle is not an alternative.' The establishment of this scholarship is a way of signaling the intent of the University to embrace and celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of its LGBT students.

Isn't it illegal or against school policy to have this kind of scholarship? No. There are a number of minority scholarships already available to college students. This scholarship was created to serve students who identify as a sexual minority.

How does one qualify? You must be a student who identifies as LGBT, who is from North or South Carolina, and who will be attending Duke University. The scholarship is open to both students who are matriculating from high school and students currently enrolled at Duke.

What if I'm not out to my family? The scholarship is semi-confidential. The words gay, lesbian, or LGBT do not appear on any of the financial forms where the scholarship is listed, so it is possible to keep the nature of the award a secret if you decide to do so. The recipient of the award may, however, be asked to have his/her name printed in a list of University scholarship recipients.

How do I apply? Complete the application and send it to Janie Long. Application deadline is WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2011.

Contact person Janie Long, Director of the Duke University Center for LGBT Life
02 West Union Building
Box 90958
Durham, NC 27708
ph: (919) 684-6607